Great moments in gun ownership

Todd Canady, 23, of Waco, Texas may want to seriously consider enrolling in firearms safety training classes.

KDFW-TV, Dallas/Fort Worth, said Canady, who has a concealed-weapons permit, was reportedly reaching for his wallet in the checkout line but grabbed the pistol he was carrying instead. The gun went off, wounding Canady in the buttocks. The bullet then hit the floor and sent fragments into the other two victims.

An off-duty officer saw the incident and confronted Canady, who allegedly ran off.

He was caught after a foot chase.


  1. nohellbelowus says

    While recovering in the hospital, Canady received a phone call from former U.S. Congressman Tom DeLay’s office, and has accepted a internship in security at Backroom Deals, a popular Sugarland, Texas gentleman’s club, starting next month.

  2. kennypo65 says

    I keep thinking about those people who argue that if the other patrons of the movie theater were armed, it would have stopped the shooter. How would someone shooting themselves in the ass help anything?

  3. Mano Singham says

    Another catch with having multiple armed people is that even if they were not this incompetent, in the confusion it would not be at all clear who is the assailant and who are the defenders.

  4. Alverant says

    What do you want to bet he considered himself a “responsible law-abiding gun owner” up until then and still probably does now?

  5. richardrobinson says

    So on the one hand there was a guy recently who stopped a guy who got all stabby at a grocery store. He drew his gun and told the guy to stop. No shots were fired. That’s good.

    On the other, there was a guy back in, say, 2006?, who wanted to play hero when the Burger King he was at got robbed. He got shot two or three times and killed the would-be robber. He’s damn lucky no one else got hit in the shoot-out. All for $100 in the till. That’s bad.

    Probably the bar for a concealed-carry permit should be set somewhere considerably north of “Here are the laws you will need to obey. Please recite them to me. Great, here’s your permit.”

  6. M Groesbeck says

    Haven’t you been to an NRA class? The well-trained gun owner is quite capable of identifying members of the “criminal” subspecies at a glance. It must be true — otherwise all of their rhetoric would be bullshit, and we know that that can’t be true…

  7. Francisco Bacopa says

    I’ve lived in Texas almost my whole life, so I almost believed there was such a club. Googling it brings up this post as the top hit.

    You Poe’d me. Well played.

  8. F says

    Let me guess – another idiot who refuses to even take the simple, obvious steps of 1) using a damned proper holster, and 2) engaging the safety on the weapon. (This, of course, requires the weapon is so equipped, which should be required.)

  9. Jet says

    Pretty sure if you see someone with an assault weapon start firing into a crowd, and people falling with bleeding holes in them, you might think that is a criminal as well. Unless you were notified beforehand that it’s faked for video purposes.

  10. Crip Dyke, MQ, Right Reverend Feminist FuckToy of Death & Her Handmaiden says

    Are you really this stupid?

    Yes. The original shooter might be easily identified as bad.

    But when a 2nd person pulls a gun – is that because that person is a confederate who left the emergency exit open or because that person is going to kill the original bad guy?

    And when a 3rd person pulls a gun – is that because that person wants to threaten some sense into the 2nd person who is not merely yelling, but firing in a crowded theater? Or is it because that person doesn’t trust the aim of person 2?

    If person 2 gets bumped by a panicked crowd while shooting and hits someone in the back, will the loved one of that person know that it was a deflected discharge – and an accident – or will person 4, justifiably upset at the injury to a loved one, accurately assess that person 2 is a threat and decide that whether the threat inherent in person 2 comes from carelessness or malice is irrelevant?

    When person 4 shoots at person 2 – both armed – at whom does person 5 shoot?

    Seriously, guns out in a panicked crowd present major target-discrimination problems. Cops know it, and they are much better trained than random persons with concealed carry permits. If cops shoot down unarmed people all the time when their target-discrimination goes haywire in a moment of adrenaline, what makes you think that a theater of armed people would have no problems recognizing that absolutely no one after the initial shooter was any kind of threat?

  11. says

    Interestingly, more and more handguns come without an actual safety lever. My handgun, a Springfield XDM, has no safety lever but does have a trigger safety and another safety in the grip so that you actually have to grab it like you’re going to shoot it or else it can’t fire. Which I’m glad for in case I have to defend myself, but I also keep my gun holstered properly rather than jammed haphazardly in my plumber’s crack.

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