The child’s speech that was banned

The principal of a school banned a fifth-grader from reading his entry in a school-wide speech contest after he had won his class contest. Why? Because his speech supported same sex marriage.

This case received widespread publicity and his short speech has appeared on YouTube.

Too bad more adults are not as mature as this 10-year old.

The Chancellor of the New York city schools then stepped in and overrode the principal and ordered that the speech be allowed.

I suspect that the children in the school audience would have had no trouble at all with his speech. It is the adults who freak out, and the principal’s decision was likely prompted by fears that outraged bigoted parents would come down on his head for allowing their children’s ears to be sullied with such dangerous ideas.


  1. Paul Weaver says

    So, it’s legal in New York State to marry someone of the same gender – but isn’t appropriate in this Principal’s eyes to discuss it? Shame on her.

  2. silomowbray says

    Again it’s about the buttsecks. Social conservatives just can’t handle the idea that there are men having buttsecks with each other.

  3. F says

    I suspect that the children in the school audience would have had no trouble at all with his speech.

    This is exactly why the adults freak out.

  4. Otrame says

    Reminds me of the pride I had in my 15 year old granddaughter* when I overheard her reading a friend the riot act for saying gays shouldn’t be allowed to get married. It was especially good because both she and the kid she was yelling at are black, and my experience of the black culture is that the homophobia is worse than in the general (white) population, so every time a black person speaks out against this bigotry it has special impact.

    So good for the kid in the OP and good for my granddaughter.

    *Look, it stands to reason that somebody has the best grandkids in the world. It just happens to be me.

  5. Mano Singham says

    Glad to hear this.

    I don’t understand why people despair of the younger generation. They actually give me hope.

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