President Obama comes out in support of same sex marriage

I have been critical of Obama for a lot of things but I have to credit him on this. It is true that the tide is turning in favor of allowing same sex marriage but it is still a controversial topic and he could have punted it until after the election.

It partially takes away the bitterness left by the North Carolina vote.

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(via Greg Laden.)


  1. 'Tis Himself says

    If he was really canny, Obama would have made a speech against same-sex marriage. Then all the Republican congresscritters would have immediately come out in favor of it.

  2. M Groesbeck says

    Well, technically, Obama has come out in favor of the position that civil rights should be granted or denied by the states, with no interference from the federal government in case of denial. But he’ll feel really bad about the denial.

  3. says

    So much criticism about how he didn’t go far enough. Well, for me, his statement served as a welcome counterbalance to the ugly vote in North Carolina the day before (which depressed me, even though I knew what the result would be), and in the end, I feel much better about things than I did before he took his stand.

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