Foamy the Squirrel on why banning same sex marriage is wrong

That is one smart, angry squirrel.


  1. 'Tis Himself says

    I couldn’t listen to that. The high-pitched, rapid voice was just too annoying.

  2. Leo says

    Point #4 was pretty dumb at first, though. I know of atheists who were former conservative Christians and they’ve claimed that they wanted to help people out of their sin so that God doesn’t burn them in hell. They have pointed out that is the loving thing to do as opposed to letting gays condemn themselves.

    The point got slightly better when it asked how one knows what God’s will is. But Christians can easily ignore that point because their god is “unchanging”…or something like that.

    And like comment #2 above, the 10 Commandments aren’t that great. There seemed to be a bit of religious pandering in the video while showing signs of the author being ignorant about religion.


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