“I am an ex-Mormon”

Via reader Norm, I learned of this site which posts the testimonies of those who have experienced the thrilling sense of freedom that is familiar to all who have managed to break free of the chains of their religious beliefs.

Here is one by Jack who speaks about how his gender identity issues (he made the change from female to male) led to being ostracized by his church and how he arrived at where he is now. It is a delightful testimony.

Welcome, Jack and all your ex-Mormon comrades, to the joyous world of freethinkers!


  1. Jared A says

    Man, as a fellow ex-mormon I can’t get enough of these stories. 🙂

    I remember in high school some kids having rubber bands on their wrists and sometimes they would flick themselves, but I never had any clue what it was about. I had no idea it was a contemporary form of flagellation.

  2. Jared A says

    I have, actually, but I’m not as articulate as this man, nor brave enough to publicly talk about such personal memories. Also, some of my family members who would give an overlapping tale are much better story-tellers than I.

    I know: excuses, excuses…

  3. says

    This is really a heartwarming story. I’m so glad that Jack was able to escape from Mormonism and fight peace and happiness… it’s really sad what religion does to people.

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