Northeast Ohio Anti-War Coalition [NOAC]

This is a wonderful local organization that is trying to stop the US’s endless wars around the world. You can get more information at its website or by phone at 216-736-4716 or email to

They are having a demonstration to end US/NATO Military Strikes on Libya.

‘Stop US/ NATO War on Libya’ Demonstration – Come to the Rally and Judge for Yourself
Friday, April 8, 3-4:30 pm,
the Federal Bldg., Lakeside Ave. and East
9th St., downtown Cleveland

They are also taking people to a larger rally in NYC on April 9 but the bus is already full.

New York City, Saturday, April 9th, 2011

The Cleveland bus is full. The rally and march couldn’t come at a more urgent time with wars and occupations throughout the Middle East increasing and a US government shut-down looming at midnight, Friday.

As Congress dithers and hithers on a budget resolution to keep the government functioning, the “800 pound gorilla in the room” – actually $700+ billion gorilla of a military budget – continues to be ignored.

How’s this for a plan to help balance the budget?
Shut Down the Wars and Occupations.
Shut Down US Military Bases.
Shut Down producing cold-war military weapons.
Shut Down funding military mercenaries abroad.


Contact Your Federal Elected Officials

As those who gather in New York City on Saturday send these and other anti-war/re-order our budget priorities messages, you can send a similar message wherever you are. On Friday and Saturday (it’s fine to leave a message), call or email anyone of the following federal officials to express your views:

Sen Rob Portman (800) 205-6446 (216) 522-7097
Sen Sherrod Brown (216) 522-7272 (216) 522-2239
Rep Dennis Kucinich (216) 228-8850 (216) 228-6465
Rep Marcia Fudge (216) 522-4900 (216) 522-4908
Rep Steve LaTourette (440) 352-3939 (440) 352-3939
Rep Betty Sutton (330) 865-8450 (330) 865-8470
Rep Tim Ryan (330) 373-0074 (330) 373 0098
Rep James B. Renacci (330) 489-4414 (330) 493-9265

Emails can be sent thru forms
For US Senators
For US Representatives

Thank you!

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