1. TerryL says

    ROTFLMFAO!! He actually used the Ray Comfort “Banana” argument! Typical religious tactic:

    1) Make up your opponent’s claims (don’t actually use anything an atheist WOULD say because then you don’t stand a chance)
    2) Proceed to “refute” it. (Assert your opinion as fact but don’t supply supporting evidence. ALWAYS default to “the bible is true because it says so in the bible)
    3) Claim victory

  2. Scott says

    Is this a joke?
    If that is the sum total of the the arguments for religion then there is no point arguing because this guy just proves the lack of proof and evidence for religion. A 5 year old atheist could argue this turkey to the floor.

  3. says

    For anyone who doesn’t know, he is a satirist, and a hilarious one. Check out his video on what if there were no God? I was in tears! And many Christians and atheists who don’t know this is satire make reply videos which he has responded to at least once.

  4. Peter says

    Another example of Poe’s Law.

    He tricked me into believing it was real until about the 6th or 7th CheckMate.

    Now I have to see more of his stuff!

  5. says

    I disagree with the statement, “logic and reason are all on the side of atheism”. Atheists have a lot to account for. The problem is also that the Christians are pathetic at defending the bible. This is because they usurped the bible from the Jews. Its entire meaning has been lost because of poor translations of the abandonment with the oral transmission that is said to have accompanied the bible.

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