Mubarak speaks

Mubarak has just finished speaking to the nation and said that he will not run again for president but is not going to leave immediately. He tried to appease the protestors by saying that their genuine concerns had been exploited by criminal elements taking advantage of the situation. He was somewhat self-pitying, talking about how he had suffered to serve the country and had not sought power (Ha!).

The millions-strong crowds seem to have not been satisfied by the speech and the live Al Jazeera stream reports that the crowd heckled him and are now chanting “Leave! Leave!”


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    It is my humble opinion that Mubarak, is trying to buy time and hope everyone forgets or allows him time to reposition himself to retain power. I believe this situation his a high probability of not ending well. The end of “Frankenstein” comes to mind. Mobs with pitch forks and torches.

    My advice to Mr. Mubarak: visit the south of France with your bloated bank accounts and reside there in exile. France has always welcomed deposed leaders with open arms and will protect you from extradition if there is a possibility of a death sentence back home. If you love your countrymen more than power please, depart before someone starts spilling blood en-mass.

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    What will happen next? Who will we see in power now. What I fear is the impact on the balance of power in the entire Middle East. Will we see mighty Egypt under the rule of a militant military general? An if so, what will be his philosophical standing? Will he be a secular warlord or a religious fanatic? Will the new ruler renege on the peace treaty with Israel, and so entirely destabilize the entire region and threaten global peace? Or will George W finally be vindicated in his “crusade” for ME Western style democracy and subsequent law and order? For the answer to these and other gripping questions, just try to survive the next 10 or so years.

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    Moritz, that is the wonderful thing democracy allows. Let the Egyptian people decide! Who ever ends up in charge will be the will of the people and I am sure the world governments will find a way to ensure good relations.

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    Interesting HP Bryce,

    Since authoring this comment it appears Jordan’s and other national countries’ people surrounding Egypt have begun clamoring for a more democratic society in the ME. Are we finally moving as a global entity to a less tyrannical world? Is peace finally foreseeable in the region? Who da thunk it? As I said interesting . . . very

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