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2023-06-17 04:00+3:

I got up early to watch the end of the ballgame on  Six to one Mets after eight; the Cards failed to score in the top of the ninth.  That’s now a six-game losing streak…this isn’t the Cardinals’ year.

After the game, I got caught up on my e-mail and blog reading; and I’m now ready for the day.

Today is the last day of the meeting, a plenary session where we take formal votes.  There are usually 30 or 40 motions; but since all the real work is done in subgroups, it’s expected that most of the motions, if not all of them, will pass by unanimous consent.  If history is any guide, we should be done by the morning break; and I’ll be able to begin working on my report of the meeting.


I’ll just zoom into the plenary from my room.  That worked pretty well yesterday, I won’t have to pack up my computer and drag it to the meeting room, and I’ll be able to finishing packing for my trip home during the meeting.


As expected, we’re done.  I’ll have more about the meetings in another post.

I was checked out of the hotel by 10:30 and so had plenty of time for lunch before getting the ride to the airport; but I’d had a big breakfast and didn’t really want to eat anything more, the result being that I had about three hours to wait for the taxi that I had scheduled.


The taxi showed up a few minutes early.  It was the same guy who had driven us from the airport about a week ago.

ca. 14:00:

I had to check my walker and get wheelchair assistance again.  One thing I noticed, and I can’t remember whether I’ve mentioned it before, is that folks who are being pushed around in wheelchairs get to cut in line at security and at passport control.  I’m not sure that I deserve to do that, but I’ll take it. 😎

The wheelchair guy had to go through the security theater as well.  I apologized for making him put up with that, but he just laughed.  I guess it’s a normal part of the job.

I was dropped off at the business-class lounge where I had a small sandwich and a can of Coke Zero.  The wheelchair guy showed up at the lounge again in time to get me to my flight; but I only had to go out a door on the flight-line side of the lounge where there was another of those trucks that rises and lets you board the plane through the galley-side door.

The plane was like the one in which I had flown eastbound:  all the same 2-2 seating with the first nine rows designated business class.

The flight departed and arrived on time; and it was just a 1.5-hour flight, so the food service was very simple and the cabin crew were kept busy providing only that.

The wheelchair guy met me at the plane door and took me through passport control to enter the Schengen area, then directly to the gate for my next flight.  I got there just as boarding was about to start; but thanks to the wheelchair pusher cutting in line, I boarded the plane before everybody else.

Like my Berlin-Vienna eastbound flight, the plane had all 3-3 coach seating with the first four rows designated business class and the middle seats unsold.

We sat for a while after boarding was complete:  it seems that one of the passengers didn’t check in, and so the crew had to search for them and then remove their checked baggage from the hold when they weren’t found.  This made us about half an hour late.

This was just a one-hour flight and so the cabin crew were kept busy the whole time with the simple food service for the first four business-class rows.

The wheelchair met me at the plane door again, and I was wheeled to the regular baggage claim where my one checked bag showed up after only two or three minutes, and then to the large baggage claim place where my walker already was.  Once I had my walker, I was on my own and walked across the street to the hotel.

I have the same accessible room that I had a week ago:  still a glass-top desk which doesn’t allow using an optical mouse; but I have a workaround.

Icelandair has changed my KEF-BOS flight times such that I’ll get to my hotel in Boston with my body clock thinking it’s the wee hours of the morning on the next day.  The posts for my last three days might not show up until I get home Tuesday night.

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