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2023-06-13 04:15+3:

I had set my alarm for very early in the morning hoping to catch the last few innings of a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game.  (First pitch was at 02:45+3, and I wasn’t about to get up that early.)  It turned out that the hotel’s internet connection was down.

I checked at the front desk later in the day, and it turned out that their internet is normally up 24×7; it was just broken this morning and had been fixed.  I should be able to catch some of tonight’s game (in the wee hours of tomorrow morning in my current time zone).

2023-06-14 04:30:

I watched the last two or three innings of the Cardinals’ game using’s Gameday feature and shouldn’t have bothered:  they lost 11 to 3.


We sometimes have evening sessions in which interesting topics are discussed but no formal decisions are taken.  I think I can talk about tonight’s since it has nothing to do with C++.  One of the meeting hosts is giving a talk about the history of the Cyrillic alphabet and its phonemes.

It turned out to be a short video about the history, then a quick introduction to the alphabet, practice saying some things like hello and goodby, and finally a short video about Bulgarian culture.  This geek would have prefered more history and practice pronouncing the various letters, and less of the conversational stuff that I probably won’t ever use.

After the talk, I asked one of the hosts to write down how to explain to a shop keeper that I’d like to buy a Bulgarian-to-American power adaptor with ground.  (I have a two-prong adaptor which works, but I’d like to have the ground connection.)  It seems that what I need is an адаптър эа електричестбо Американски стандарт.  I think I’d be able to pronounce that without embarrassing myself too badly, but I’ll probably just show the shop keeper the piece of paper with the description written on it.  I’ll try that tomorrow during the lunch break.

— Бил Сиѝмор


  1. billseymour says

    22:10 UTC+3:

    Oh, yes, PS, the Cards are winning 5-3 in the bottom of the 7th.  (It’s a day game — first pitch was at 12:15−5, 20:15+3.)

  2. Katydid says

    The Cyrillic is a transliteration of “adaptor for standard American electricity”

  3. billseymour says

    Thanks, Katydid.

    Yeah, I can read it phonetically, and it’s not hard to figure out what “adaptar za elektrichestbo standart” means, even though I don’t know enough grammar to get the “-estbo” suffix.

    Kind of like “bez zahar bez kalorii” on my bottle of Coke Zero. 😎

  4. Katydid says

    Ok, I didn’t realize you could sound out the letters. 🙂 Yes, I like your example. If you can sound it out, you know what the words mean because so many are loan-words.

  5. wereatheist says

    ‘Bez’ just means ‘without’, but you know that already 🙂

  6. billseymour says

    wereatheist:  I was guessing “zero” or “no” (in the sense of “none”), but “without” makes more sense than the usual English expression. 😎

    Can you explain the suffix in “elektrichestbo”?  I’m guessing that it’s some kind of possessive inflection.  Is that right?

    This computer programmer’s knee-jerk reaction is to zoom in on the grammar. 😎

  7. Katydid says

    You guessed right–the -бо is a genitive ending of електричестии (electricity). It’s used in a prepositional phrase such as adaptor FOR American electricity.

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