Varna Trip Report, days eight and nine

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Nope, the shop didn’t have the kind of адаптър that I wanted.  Oh well, I’ve been using the two-prong adaptor without the ground connection all week, and nothing bad has happened to my computer yet.  I have no reason to doubt that it’ll continue to work just fine.

I also ordered a taxi for 13:30 on Saturday.  It’s about a half hour drive to the airport, so I should get there around 14:00, two hours before my flight’s scheduled departure.

2023-06-16 07:30:

My alarm clock failed to go off again, so no time for breakfast for me.  I wound up zooming into the meeting from my room, which worked just fine.  The only disadvantage was that I had the “Do not disturb” tag hanging on the doorknob and so didn’t get my bed made.  That’s OK since I wouldn’t have done that at home either. 😎

I haven’t written about the area I’m in because I don’t have much to say.

Across the street from the hotel is a strip of sidewalk shops where one can buy various kinds of kitsch; and there are lots of fast food places and bars, all of which have an open-air look to them.  Just beyond that is a large beach on the shore of the Black Sea.

My room is on the rear of the hotel, and from my balcony I can see a moderately steep slope up the side of a ridge, and basically nothing but other hotels almost all the way up.  A couple of them have a very bleak look on the outside, so I’m guessing that they might be Soviet-era constructions.  The good news is that there’s also plenty of greenery, so it’s not all buildings to look at.

Curiously, all the signs in my hotel are written in both Cyrillic and Hebrew script.  I guess this hotel caters to Israeli tourists.

I can’t give you this American’s (probably misinformed) impression of Bulgarian culture because I don’t think that I’m experiencing it.

I hope to have something more interesting to write about tomorrow.  The meeting will be over in the morning so I can start writing about that, and my trip home will begin in the afternoon.


  1. Katydid says

    The Soviet Union had a bunch of hotels earmarks as “rest homes” aka places the population were entitled to go on vacation. The idea was complete rest, such as “stay in your bathrobe all day, lounge around, play chess, read, go to the beach”. It cost nothing to go when it was a person’s turn.

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