Well, that’s Over

Starting out with a lie probably isn’t a good idea, but it’s the best summary I’ve got. I finally have a stretch of free time, and I’ve given myself explicit orders to kick back and relax. That includes poking away at this blog again, as poor ol’ Proof of God has suffered a fair bit of neglect and my list of rant topics is worth a rant in and of itself. But kicking back also means kicking out stuff like this:

Eyes Down. Copyright HJH, 2017.

It’s not my best work, but I’m also coming back into photo processing after a few year’s absence. I’ve never really been happy with my forest scenes (they always feel way too busy and unfocused), so I thought I’d crush the busy bits into blackness and draw your eye to the really cool bits: the texture of the snow. The desaturated high-detail look is practically a cliché nowadays, but I like it here (and I was hip to it before most, dammit!)