History Quiz

This American president’s library contains many books on religion, but it also contains a copy of Darwin’s Origin of Species.

Which American president is it?


  1. Some Old Programmer says

    Hmm, On the Origin of Species was published in the 1850s, so that lets out Jefferson. Perhaps one of our most religious prez’s who was also a scholar (Woodrow Wilson)?

  2. Amarantha Dyuaaxchs says

    When I think of presidential libraries, I think of Jefferson first. From your description, my guess would be “Isn’t that all of them?” From the picture, though, the shelving is probably a bigger clue than the book covers and titles.

  3. shallit says

    I can see I have to give out another hint.

    Hint: his library is only a half-day’s drive from me here in Waterloo, Ontario.

        • says

          Admittedly, I got some of my winning guess by reading the guesses by DonDueed@7. But if I’m to be paid a reward, how about making it a promise by you to post some more about which notion of information, Shannon information or algorithmic complexity, or even the Orgel/Szostak specified information, is appropriate to thinking about the information built into living things in the process of evolution? I’ll happily contribute to such a discussion.

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