Berlinski Exposed

Well, it looks like I was right when I guessed that David Berlinski was behind the scenes of the very strange online thing calling itself a “an independent quarterly review of the sciences”, Inference Review.  For a long time they hid their editorial board. To what end, I don’t know. Maybe they were embarrassed that Berlinski was involved. (I certainly would be.) But now they have come out and admitted that Berlinski is a “Contributing Editor”. The other people involved are

Steven Wheeler
Executive Editor

Maud Kozodoy
Senior Editor

Hortense Marcelin
Managing Editor

Hélène Cambour
Marketing Director

Jean-Michel Gruet

Well, at least we know now who is responsible for the appalling and grotesque caricatures.

The editors claim “We have no ideological, political, or religious agendas whatsoever.” If you believe that, I’ve got some intelligently designed real estate to sell you. For god’s sake, their latest “issue” has an article by James Tour.

What a joke.

Hat tip:  GB.

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