I think I saw this guy on Dr Strangelove

Michael Flynn (remember him? Former security advisor to Trump, couldn’t keep his mouth shut talking to the Russians, now a QAnon-loving, Christian Nationalist wacko?) has a new grift. He’s one of the founders of a site called 4thePure, which is dedicated to helping people who haven’t been vaccinated. It’s a combination dating site, blood bank, sperm and egg donation site, location for weird webinars with Q creeps, and most importantly, a vector for misinformation. And it only costs $2500 for a lifetime membership, which will give you a 25% discount on overpriced merch (which doesn’t exist yet…coming soon!).

General Jack D. Ripper is real! Now I’m worried about the Doomsday Machine.

I think Kat Abu is too young to make the Dr Strangelove connection.


  1. nomaduk says

    In the same way that everyone should be familiar with The Odyssey and Moby Dick, everyone should be familiar with certain films; they should be required viewing. Dr Strangelove is one of them. Network is another.

  2. llyris says

    $2500 for a lifetime membership to the unvaxxed Q brigade seems a bit steep. That’s probably on average about $500 annually. More for some of their members.

  3. raven says

    ‘Unvaxxed Sperm’ Is Trying to Become the Anti-Vax Bitcoin

    Dec 6, 2021 — It’s based on the false anti-vax belief that COVID vaccines affect fertility and that the sperm of unvaccinated people will be worth a fortune …
    Vice https://www.vice.com › Home › News

    The hard core antivaxxers aren’t that much of our population.
    Last time I checked, they were 8% of the US population.
    81% of the US population has been vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus.

    The antivaxxers are calling themselves the pure bloods because it sounds better than “complete idiots” or “delusional kooks”.

    There is at least one upside to them demanding unvaxxed eggs and sperm.
    It is a reliable IQ and SQ (social intelligence quotient) test that tells anyone, especially if they are single, to run away fast.

    It is like they have a flashing neon light on their heads, “Available, comes with huge quantities of current and future problems.”

  4. wzrd1 says

    Nah, General LeMay still won the prize. He was recorded saying, “I’ll save this country even if I have to destroy it to do it”.

    Flynn is only an opportunistic bottom feeder.

    @3, no, just candy bars for little Willie.

    @5, damn, I’m out of acid rainwater and grain alcohol! Worse, the river level is a bit too low for my ethanol tanker to drop anchor across the road with my supply.

    @7, got my last booster on 4/6. So, they can’t have my sperm. They’re more than welcome to my turds though. I’ll even deliver.

  5. Akira MacKenzie says

    Right-wingers Circa 2013: “HA! You tofu-eating, New Age hippie-dippies think vaccines are unsafe because they aint ‘natural’! Enjoy dying from measles, Moonbeam!”


    What a difference a decade, and a Trump administration, makes.

  6. Akira MacKenzie says


  7. Akira MacKenzie says

    Ugh… I’m having a bad, bad day.


  8. llyris says

    @9 / 10 / 11 See! You have been made impure by the evil power of vaccines and now your fingers don’t work. It’s a sign.
    If you had remained pure autocucumber wouldn’t be taking your power away.

  9. gijoel says

    I kind of wonder why they would name themselves after the bad guys in Harry Potter, and then I realize that they don’t read.

  10. silvrhalide says

    @13 Well they certainly don’t read Harry Potter books. Too woke, plus “magic” = “Satanic” at least in their little pointy heads.
    A number of right-wing nitwits tried to get the Potter books banned in various venues.

  11. silvrhalide says

    Hmm… I’m assuming they aren’t ritually drinking the blood of the pure? That they only use it for blood transfusions?
    So… they halfwits that subscribe to the various antivaxxer theories–and this halfassed crackpot website–will not be vaccinated and will only hang around, date and mate with each other?
    This could solve a lot of problems… for the normal people.

    Think about it. They would be getting only unvaccinated blood transfusions,, generally at a point where the subscribers to this service are at their weakest/sickest/most medically vulnerable. So the subscribers would be getting blood that has the greatest chance of carrying Covid 19 (plus other diseases, like chicken pox and measles) when they are least likely to survive a bout of Covid 19.
    Sounds like a solution to the problem of the anti-science crowd. Or at the very least, a super spreader event for the terminally stupid.
    Nothing succeeds in reframing the anti-science debate (so to speak) like a whole lot of high-profile object lessons in stupidity.

  12. silvrhalide says

    @Excellent choices but add Bladerunner to the list. And All The President’s Men and Dune (the book, although the movie is pretty good & remarkably faithful to the book.)

  13. wzrd1 says

    One complaint lead to Amanda Gorman’s poetry being restricted in a Florida school. Apparently, the poetry, which has heralded a UN General Assembly session and Biden’s inauguration, is “not educational” and has “indirect hate speech”, so shouldn’t be permitted in schools.
    I imagine next, the Constitution will be similarly prohibited, then anything not a specific version of the bible…

    Maybe Disney needs to shut more things down. Hell, if Disney and the DoD shuttered all operations in the state, the state economy would completely collapse.

  14. says

    I think Lt Gen (Ret) Flynn (and you have no idea how much it pains me to say that) is instead proposing not a nuclear exchange, but a blood exchange. Civilian casualties will be minimal, and entirely acceptable. Ten million. Twenty million tops.

    If he starts muttering about mineshafts as the appropriate place for all of the unvaxxed “Real Americans” to congregate and shelter from teh Soros Mindcontrol Beams, I’ll start getting worried. Not too worred, though: On the best day he ever had, he probably couldn’t find one.

  15. StevoR says

    @16. silvrhalide : Dune (the book, although the movie is pretty good & remarkably faithful to the book.)

    Which movie? Been several haven’t there?

  16. wzrd1 says

    Jaws, are you suggesting that Lt Gen (Ret) Flynn couldn’t find a hole in the ground? I find that a highly credible suggestion!
    I’m fairly certain that he also couldn’t find his own ass with a map, compass and three navigators.
    Still, at least he didn’t jump onto the Jewish Space Laser drivel bandwagon. Guess he couldn’t figure out how to make an anti-space laser laser pointer to sell to the rubes.

    StevoR, yes, there have and all were denounced by The Faithful to the Book series. A common enough complaint when books are made into films and most frequently, a valid complaint. As a case study, I need only point to Starship Troopers film(s) vs the singular book, for how badly Hollywood could mangle every concept within a literary work, although Frankenstein is also an excellent example of mutilation that exceeded what was done to the Creature.

  17. says

    @20: Far be it from me to draw upon specific experiences and interactions from my first profession, including [redacted], [redacted], and [so redacted that it never happened]. Even when I’m overoptimistic: When that individual was announced as the incoming National Security Advisor on TV, a bunch of people heard me swear and predict he’d be gone in 120 days. I was obviously too generous; I won’t make that mistake again.