Do spiders celebrate Darwin’s birthday?

It was yesterday, in case you forgot. Over the weekend, the spiders produced two more egg sacs, and they also ate one of my precious males.

To celebrate the fecundity, they all got big fat slow waxworms for breakfast today. They’re all off munching right now.

I tried to tell them that they ought to get romancing for Valentine’s Day, too.

I’d show you a picture of a big fat slow waxworm getting eaten by a very happy spider, but I’ve been avoiding horrifying you all with those closeup images of my beautiful charges. You can find the carnage on my Patreon or Instagram.


  1. drsteve says

    I would imagine that all good spiders are down with Darwin, sharing with him as they do a passion for delicious, delicious beetles.

  2. birgerjohansson says

    Is it true that Darwin shares not only the birth year, but the birthday with Abe Lincoln? I understand record-keeping may not have been a priority where Lincoln grew up, so the true date may be uncertain.

  3. robro says

    birgerjohansson — It is true that their recorded date of birth is the same: February 12, 1809. There could be some uncertainty about the accuracy of either of them, although I assume Lincoln’s is more if-fy than Darwin’s.

  4. brightmoon says

    I didn’t forget the birthday. I forgot to wear my Darwin Day t shirt 🤷🏾‍♀️ because it was too cold to wear it and I put on something warmer