I think Twitter might be done

Today, Twitter rolled out a new feature for subscribed users: they can post 4,000 character long tweets now.

But what if I don’t want to read long blog posts on a micro-blogging site? What if I’d rather not deal with long-winded assholes clogging up the feed? I guess I don’t have a choice, except, of course, that I’ll instantly block anyone who posts a treatise.

Worse still, though, I just got this message:

Oh no! I must have been chattering up a storm today. Got carried away. I just couldn’t shut up. Supposedly, the limit is 2400 tweets/day. But I’ve been tied up in lab and classes all day! How could I have done that?

So I looked to see how much ol’ blabbermouth PZ had babbled today.


It was 6 tweets, and that broke Twitter’s capacity.

OK, that’s fine, I can switch to my Mastodon account and go crazy. Maybe I’ll post 8 times today. 10 times if I feel like flooring the accelerator.


  1. =8)-DX says

    Must be a bug of some sort, because I’ve seen people post through it anyway, but not being able to post on the site that lives from posts is funny. =8)-DX

  2. dangerousbeans says

    If they adopted Mastodon’s approach of hiding most of longer posts behind a ‘read more’ tag it wouldn’t matter too much
    But i doubt they have done that

  3. wzrd1 says

    I’m sure it was a software enhancement by Elon’s few remaining senior management team members.
    One nearly as comical as the Senator who had his Twitter account suspended for violation of their policy – in the form of a photo from him hunting that had blood spatter on his clothing that the reporter had trouble finding in the full size image.
    That’s two blunders out of 4 additional Elon Enhancements via elimination of all competent staff this week.
    Maybe he’ll top it by boring into the Pacific, followed by rockets with a reverse gear and fission-fusion events in his batteries, the latter being hailed as a success, just ignore the razed cities.

    I already shitcanned by Twitter account when he let Trump come back and Facebook is gone now as well. At least Facebook tried to save face by asking why, to which I replied, “Too many fascists”.

  4. wajim says

    Um, of all people, why are you even on that craphole site, or any other one, at all? I’ve managed to live just fine for the last thirty years or so without any “social media” at all, unless you consider “texts” to qualify. Signed, unhip but happy old guy

  5. doctorworm says

    Apparently turning off the API for third-party apps turned it off for first-party apps too; i.e. Twitter dot com itself.

  6. Bruce Fuentes says

    I got the same msg. Well seems Twitter is sputtering. Lots of reported issues. For a few hours I could not tweet. I kept getting msg saying I had hit my max number of tweets for day. I can tweet again now.

  7. raven says

    Musk Pledged to Cleanse Twitter of Child Abuse Content. It’s …https://www.nytimes.com › 2023/02/06 › technology › tw…

    3 days ago — Child sexual abuse imagery spreads on Twitter even after the company is notified: One video drew 120000 views.

    Twitter has been overrun by child porn. Again.
    So much for moderation.

  8. raven says

    Xpost from Infinite thread.

    Elon Musk lying some more.
    That Musk isn’t all that bright has been obvious for a while.
    He undoubtedly is brighter than average but certainly no high level genius.

    How he became so wealthy is a real question though.
    As much as I dislike him, it is undeniable that Tesla and SpaceX are major successes.

    Jimmy Rushton @JimmySecUK
    The latest idiotic conspiracy theory about Ukraine uncritically promoted by credulous halfwit
    is that ex-Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett claimed that both Russia and Ukraine “wanted peace” but the US and the UK sabotaged a ceasefire.

    This is not true.
    1:03 AM · Feb 7, 2023

    Jimmy Rushton
    Naftali Bennett himself replied to Musk on Twitter to tell him it wasn’t true, but Musk predictably ignored him.

    Twitter is also overrun by Russian trolls and antivaxxers.

    Musk is both.
    He is a vaccinated antivaxxer.
    He is also a supporter of Russia against Ukraine.

    I will never buy anything from a company that has any association with Musk.
    Why would I buy a mediocre electric vehicle from a supporter of genocide anyway?

  9. says

    Six tweets? Such unrelenting windbaggery shall not be tolerated.
    Unless, of course, you subscribe to Twitter Yellow, which includes a green checkmark and only costs $12 for each tweet after the first six in a day.
    Or you could opt for Self-Driving Twitter, which writes and posts all your tweets for you. It’s a real time-saver, and hardly ever kills anyone. A bargain at $40/month.
    Twitter may or may not be done, but I’m done with Twitter. I haven’t deleted my account; I just haven’t logged in since that delusional clown bought it.

  10. raven says

    Yeah, it seems like allowing much longer posts is self defeating.

    What I liked about Twitter was that they were short.
    Most of what I see is Tweets referring back to news reports involving my interests, which these days is mostly the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

    By allowing 4,000 characters instead of 250, Twitter has increased the bandwidth and storage they need by a lot. And, those aren’t free.
    I don’t have a good idea of how much it will increase their costs, but it will do something.

    PS As I’ve mentioned before and everyone already knows, there is a huge opportunity for a Twitter analogue that isn’t Twitter+Musk. Call it Neo-Twitter or something.
    I doubt that much of the software for Twitter is all that complicated or legally hard to get around. There are plenty of similar forums such as the Trump one, the Nazi one, and Mastodon servers.

  11. billseymour says

    wajim @5:

    I’ve managed to live just fine for the last thirty years or so without any “social media” at all, …

    I’ve lived that way my whole life and I’m 76.

    Signed, unhip but happy old guy

    Another one here.

  12. raven says

    I’ve managed to live just fine for the last thirty years or so without any “social media” at all, …


    I’ve got news for you.
    Freethoughtblogs are social media.

    That Freethoughtblogs also educates and advocates is also true but the social aspect is important.
    Would you read FTBs if they didn’t have comment threads?
    The traffic to this site would go way down.

    To be sure, I don’t do much social media either.
    No Facebook or Twitter accounts.
    Almost all of my age group of Boomers that I know are absent from both Facebook and Twitter.

    Facebook was a good idea done very badly and has been struggling for a long time now with lower revenues and declining readership.

  13. DanDare says

    @wajim #5
    Social networks have huge value.
    I run 4 roleplaying groups using SN and keep in touch with familly spread across Australia, UK and the US.
    I keep up with polotical news that way, getting leads to go look at various media.
    That’s the stuff people do it for.
    Our grumbles are about the businesses way of running these things to profit at the cost of their users and to warp the flow for an agenda.

  14. StevoR says

    @ ^ DanDare : Seconded. I use facebook a lot including as an admin for a science – a local planetarium group & for a v9lunteer environmental – bushcare group.. Also active ona few political groups and a useful resource and means of sharing personal stuff – views and news mainly too.

    It has a lot of value in informing people, sharing a lot of good things & making some genuine friendships with real people as well.There are some really good helpful, informative, useful pages and people on there.

    Yes, social media in general and facebook in particular comes with cons as well as pro’s. Its a good medium if used well, and, of course, like all technologies can be exploited for evil ends and has its downsides too. The problem is the scammers and people who use it to spread misinformation and misled others and use it in ways that hurt people. There’s also the issue with Zuckerberg personally and the power and influence he holds and misuses and the company does needs reigning in – arguably being taken over and turned into a public utility and not-for profit – and a far better set of priorities and algothims that help rather than harm and things like that but the problem is NOT the medium and facebook itself per se. At least in my view anyhow.

  15. rietpluim says

    I left Twitter after Musk used trans hate as a style figure to attack Dr. Fauci. One has to draw the line somewhere.

  16. rorschach says

    I suspect this tweet limit thingy is a future subscriber feature that was accidentally activated prematurely, and then hastily withdrawn again.

  17. wzrd1 says

    Apparently, Musk ordered all work halted that was unrelated to ensuring availability during the Super Bowl and there was also a data center migration to get Twitter less reliant upon Google cloud services.
    That’d divert all three remaining workers away from stability and service monitoring.