We have a Halloween tree now

Roofers were working on the science building all last week, hammers pounding all day, and debris being tossed off the roof to the ground below. They inadvertently made a Halloween Tree for us!

I like it. Maybe next year I can do something similar for a tree in my yard, intentionally.


  1. R. L. Foster says

    That’s some sloppy work. I had my roof replaced three years ago and the workers were very fastidious. They made sure that all of the old shingles were carried to my garage roof and dropped into a large trash bin in my driveway. Not a single shingle fell onto my ornamentals. For the record, this was a company run by Guatemalans, not good old boys.

  2. says

    I concur with Foster @4: this is dreadfully incompetent work, and I hope PZ doesn’t have to pay them for the extra time and effort to pull all that crap down from the tree it got stuck in.

    And those morons knew the tree was there, they’d put the tarp right next to and under the three, and they still missed the tarp and got their crap stuck in the tree they knew was there. Were they even looking where they were throwing stuff?

    I had the roof of my mom’s house repaired a few years back. They warranted the work. Then a neighbor had work done on her roof, and her contractor left a good bit of their debris on my mom’s roof. Then I found my mom’s roof needed more repair — which would have been under warranty, except that other crap had been left on the roof, which gave our previous contractor an excuse to void their warranty. So I’m kinda sensitive about shitty roof repair work. Just sayin’…

  3. birgerjohansson says

    A Halloween tree should have sinister, dark-red lights, not bright blue-white LED lights. Encourage crows and buzzards to hang out in it. (Roadkill under the tree? The maggots will add to the ambience)

    För existential angst, have a plastic statue of Hawking chant “The Universe is heading towards the heat death and nothing can stop it”.

  4. Artor says

    I’m glad they’re picking up after themselves, but that’s a pretty unprofessional way to strip a roof.

  5. brucej says

    We had our house re-roofed in 2007 and I am still finding roofing nails moldering in the yard, AFTER I went around multiple times with a magnetic sweeper tool.

  6. hemidactylus says

    @5- Raging Bee

    Does PZ own the science building? Or is he footing the bill on behalf of his school for the roofwork? He might have come across as a bit more perturbed if this was actually happening at his house.

  7. charley says

    That’s sloppy work, alright, but I’m glad there are people willing to face that backbreaking, dangerous, exposed, low-paying work every morning. We’d be up shit creek without them.

  8. Tethys says

    The tree looks like a box elder, which is a native type of maple which is common and rather weedy in growth.

    They will get it all cleaned up again, but right now roofers in MN are racing to get new roofing installed before the construction season ends. It could be warm into late November, or it could snow next week. The shingles can get removed on the rainy day or in the snow but you can’t shingle below 45 degrees.

  9. seachange says

    I was avoiding comment, because this wasn’t PZ’s house.

    I’ve been a roofer in California. It totally doesn’t rain a lot of the year, so it was good for us. CA is CA and MN is MN, so YMMV. Even when it was rainy season we -wouldn’t have done that-. I’m wondering if the UofM hired someone who wrote one of the two letters, honestly.

  10. Tethys says

    It might be box elder based on the multiple trunks. It could be a crabapple too, it’s hard to ID leafless trees based on their growth forms.

    I personally would not be thrilled with the shingles getting tossed off into the tree, but without seeing the roof or building I will refrain from remarking about sloppy construction workers. They really should have a chute and dumpster setup to contain the tear off on the way down, but maybe it’s just very steep and the roofers are all in harnesses. They are clearly working pretty high up, at least three stories?