Driven from my own home

I’ve got a lot of work to do today, and the neighbors across the street have fired up some absurdly loud compressor for some home improvement project. Absurdly? INTOLERABLY. I’m gone. My wife and I are leaving, and I hope this monstrous noise won’t be going on all day.


  1. weylguy says

    With a Morris population of only 5,100, having this guy right next to you is truly unfortunate, Dr. Myers.

  2. says

    This is why I liver in a spider infested basement. ;)
    never gets warmer than 80F and I’ve got thick walls of concrete to keep out the noise.

  3. StonedRanger says

    I just had roofers giving me a new roof and facia boards. My cats have been hiding all week. But on the bright side, my leaky roof is now a thing of the past, so worth the racket to me at least.

  4. denny724 says

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  5. anthrosciguy says

    Hope it’s not too long. When I had to drill holes in a concrete pillar here to bolt up our TV wall mount, the noise was horrific. My GF decided to go for a walk and she could hear it clearly as she went out the front door 5 floors down. Luckily it wasn’t all that long, but still – really awful, reverberating, noise that I hated inflicting on everyone.

  6. unclefrogy says

    I can’t help but wonder (having worked construction a lot) what they could be doing to have a really noisy compressor going full blast? The only thing I could come up with that would run a long time and be really loud is sand blasting the stucco in prep for a new coat. that is really loud and takes a most of a day. I would leave as well there is no thinking about much else but that loud noise until it is over.
    hope you had a nice outing!

  7. jimzy says

    My dad was working on the Powell Street BART station about 1967. The manager of a large store begged him to do something about the Hare Krishnas chanting and blocking the sidewalk in front of his business. So, he had a diesel-powered air compressor moved nearby, started it and cracked the air valve. It would periodically engage the compressor and the noise would drown out the HKs. They finally gave up and went elsewhere.

  8. blf says

    Does anyone have the faintest idea what @5 is going on about… or how it relates to the topic of this thread ?

    Much more obviously related to this thread’s topic, when I was living in Dublin (Ireland), the building next to me was torn down and a replacement built. Not, overall, all that annoying — with one notable exception — very early one summer weekend’s morning (i.e., something like 6am on a Saturday), some clewless eejit started up a jackhammer (kangaroo hammer) to tear down something-or-other. I was in bed at the time and clearly hear the racket — and the pleas from more proactive people to shut it the feck off (to no avail) — and the next(?) day, a petition organised by by obviously infuriated nearby resident dropped through my mailbox: It contained excerpts from relevant permits, which seemed to indicate what happened was not allowed, and was (as I now recall) petitioning the city council to severely fine the site manager. I signed the petition, bu have no idea what happened — albeit there was no repeat of the incident.