Wanna see a bag of spiders?

I’m afraid no one will, and that makes me sad. They’re so cute! They’re like a bunch of puppies, all awkward and bumbling, stumbling out of the egg sac to try and figure out this messy ol’ world. So I made a video of Steatoda triangulosa spiderlings that, like my usual spider videos, will flop. I don’t quite know what to do about that — I’ve got to carry out a world-wide campaign to readjust everyone’s attitude towards spiders.

So I made my video into a YouTube premiere. You won’t be able to watch it until 7pm Central tonight, and I think the idea is to build a little anticipation and promote it before it’s available, as if maybe people will tune in expecting something more than 20 minutes of baby spiders.

Surprise. It’s 20 minutes of baby spiders. I simply can’t hide the truth.

Check it out in about 12 hours. They’re lovely and will melt your heart, if you give them a chance.


  1. Matt G says

    “Wanna see a bag of spiders?” The first (and last) time I fell for THAT line I got kidnapped.

  2. René says

    I can attest to the fact that a parliament of newly hatched spiderlings is an adorable sight. I once watched an outburst of those babies when cutting down the annoying overgrowth of my neighbour’s (European black) elder. It made me feel guilty, thinking my actions ruptured their egg sack, making them appear too soon. They spread with amazing speed all over the place.

    I wonder what the proper collective would be.

  3. Waydude says

    I just had a bunchof sugar ants invade the house. I mostly sucked them up with a vaccum but my gf asked ‘what about all the ones we can’t vacuum up?’

    “That’s what spiders are for”

  4. says

    Oh goodness, it is a nightmare vision! Your affection for them and interesting speaking kept it fine up to a point, but when you opened up the sac I had to move my computer off my lap cause it freaked me out!

    I am afraid of spiders, but I am trying not to be! Thanks for the help PZ.