I told you all I was having internet troubles the other day, and you all made lots of suggestions. Big steps today: my internet provider brought a brand new router over, all big and clunky, and then I strung a cat8 cable from the router to my office. Wifi no more! Gigabit ethernet! Ten times faster!

Now I just have to find an excuse to really test it out, except today’s task is to get next week’s lab organized. No playing on the internet. I might get tempted to try a livestream at some point, though.


  1. Rich Woods says

    CAT8? CAT6? Bloody hell, I’ve fallen behind. I’ve still got my Cat 0.9 carrying packets backwards and forwards in its jaws.

    (Cat 0.9: Also known as SneakyNet.)

  2. dontlikeusernames says

    I am so Sadge right now. I live in the supposedly technologically advanced Copenhagen and can’t get more than 300Mbps (don’t even ask about upload)… but when I lived like 400m away from my new home I got 1000Mbps (500 up?).

    It’s absurd, but it’s because a single company was allowed to monopolize the hardware platform (TDC Group, I think they’re know as now) and now it’s all “woe is me” and lamentations to the politicians about how much it costs to bring that shit even REMOTELY up to date.

  3. dontlikeusernames says

    Sorry, forgot the point of my last comment: The hardware infrastructure (fiber cables, stuff that literally requires digging through streets, etc.) NEEDS to be nationalized. Anything else is just begging for entrenched interests.

  4. Some Old Programmer says

    @6: Cat<#> refers to specifications for data communications cable. See Wikipedia pages for “Category <#> cable” or “ISO/IEC 11801”.

  5. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    Conga-rats. Now your internet speed may be limited by web site you are connecting to.

  6. Rich Woods says

    @dontlikeusernames #9:

    Anything else is just begging for entrenched interests.

    Go on, admit it: your entire comment was just a set-up for a bad pun!

  7. blf says

    @12, “Now your internet speed may be limited by web site you are connecting to.”

    Yes, and physics (ultimately), and other things. I myself have had fibre-into-lair since about the start of the pandemic (with wired gigabit inside the lair for a much longer time), and as said, the other endpoint can be an issue. But so can assorted intermediaries and other undetermined causes; e.g., recently the Mistral wind (weather) caused some havoc. I even managed to bork the VPN (my fault) for awhile, resulting in painfully slow initial connection… and am currently having mysterious problems connecting to my mobile (but since I normally use wired USB for that, it’s not a major hassle… at the moment!)… presumably my firewalls or DZM, or possibly the VPN, and in whatever case, very possibly after an upgrade / update (albeit since most of the configurations are locally version-controlled, I might find a clew in the versioned history (nothing in the logs, sadly)).

  8. cardinalsmurf says

    The best test I’ve found is downloading a large-ish game through Steam. It should take as much bandwidth as possible. I’m on 1Gb also and I see download speeds near 120MB/sec. Good luck!

  9. blf says

    @17, I presume you mean 120Mbps, i.e., 120 megabits per second (download). Which is, by broadband standards, is quite decent. And no challenge at all to internal gigabit (wired) LAN, albeit obviously being slightly faster than a 100 megabit LAN.

    My own fibre connection is roughly four or more times faster (download) — using real-world tests, albeit the various “speed test sites” are broadly similar — making my internal wired gigabit LAN very convenient. I can, even with the VPN, typically download a DVD-sized image within (measured in single-digits) minutes. In my own case, it was essentially an order-of-magnitude improvement switching from broadband to fibre. (I’ve since discovered I’m in one of the two areas of France with extensive fibre availability, fibre availability elsewhere is France is more patchy at the moment.)

  10. birgerjohansson says

    Totally OT
    Aron Ra just had a discussion with biblical scholar Bart Ehrman, you can watch it at Youtube. Or some other social media they are using.
    Summary; Christians got Genesis badly wrong.

  11. Nes says


    cardinalsmurf almost certainly meant exactly what they said. Steam’s measurement for download speeds defaults to bytes per second because that makes more sense for most users, though one could change it to bits per second if one desired. Also, 120 MBps is 960Mbps, which is awfully close to their 1Gbps (1,000 Mbps) internet speed.

  12. ffakr says

    @drksky. Pretty sure your fiber provides 500Mbps (mega bit), not 500Gbps (giga bit).

    100Gbit is pretty much the limit for enterprise ethernet connectivity. We connect our clusters with 10Gb.. across a 100Gb backbone. My Univeristy’s fastest connection to Internet-2 is 100Gb/s.

    Residential fiber generally provides between hundreds of Mbit and 1Gbit in bandwidth.

    And $15 for a 50′ Cat-8 cable is super cheap. Cat-8 is total overkill, only needed if you’re running 10Gbit ethernet over distance (or you need significant protection from RF interference).. but at that price, there’s no point in downgrading to Cat 5e.. which is also fine for 1Gb/sec for up to 100M.