1. says

    If you could make it big enough, it could go after the new military weapons carrying robot dogs! That would be great. But, it probably wouldn’t be fast enough to outrun Kevin McCarthy running away from legitimate questions.

  2. PaulBC says

    Headed off to audition for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat? I know it’s religious-themed, but show spiders have to go where the opportunities take them.

  3. birgerjohansson says

    I assume the color serves some warning function for potential predators, like ‘poison, don’t touch’.

  4. outis says

    What fresh wonder is this? ‘Tis wonderful.
    And here’s a question: are those colors from pigmentation or other physical effects like light diffraction or similar?

  5. kestrel says

    Wow what a gorgeous spider! I wonder if they make good pets? I have some birds that look like that…

  6. PaulBC says

    outis@6 I don’t know for certain, but the colors look a lot more like thin film interference than pigments. I doubt it’s literally a thin film (like a soap bubble) but some kind of interference.

  7. angoratrilobite says

    Its just the prettiest thing. My brother thinks it would make a great LGBTQ+ mascot during Pride.

  8. rejiquar says

    @ 12: yeah, I was gonna say, that spider looks like it’s made out of dichroic glass (which is made with metallic layers to get vivid rainbow colours using interference effects). Alas, I’m not one of those lampworkers who specializes in bugs & spiders…

  9. voidseraph says

    Absolutely gorgeous! And from the metallic look, I’m certain that the colors come are from some sort of interference effect, probably from the surface geometry, as is the case with butterflies and some bird-feather coloring (like around pigeon and hummingbird necks).