How plausible does this sound to you?

I was suspicious at the first paragraph — who is out hugging strangers nowadays? — but the whole second paragraph is such a patent lie that I could tell this is a completely made up story by a delusional Christian.

Yeah, sure, give me a hug and I’ll give up the wanton debauchery that is so totally characteristic of an atheist/evolutionist.


  1. jsrtheta says

    Pathetic and total bullshit. A “life of atheism, crime, and drug abuse”…yeah, right.

    I prosecuted criminals for over 10 years. I also worked as a defense attorney for another 10. Never once did anyone blame their behavior on “atheism”.

  2. mamba says

    Hahaha, really? One single hug is all it takes to convert a touch-starved atheist to Christianity?
    What would they do if they hired a hooker, go straight to Satanism and hedonism?

    So by the opposite tactic, if I SLAP a Christian, does that make them give up their beliefs instantly?

    This really is pure delusion, but I guess it makes them feel important somehow.

  3. jacksprocket says

    Christians have a long track record of making up Mills & Boone stories like this. In the Middle Ages, it was an unbeliever who stole the communion bread,to desecrate it, and when he stabbed it IT BLED. Or practically any of the martyrdom stories in which the beheaded saint puts their head back on, upon which the bloodthirsty tyrant is converted. They believe in Truth, which differs from truth in that it doesn’t have to have a factual basis.

  4. davidc1 says

    One time I was on my way to drown some puppies,when a hug from a christian showed me the error of my ways.
    So I released the puppies ,and drowned the christian.
    Praise the lord,and give me all your money.

  5. snarkrates says

    Just another example of why I say Christians are the most dishonest folks on the planet. They are willing to lie about anything if they think it furthers the “greater good” of saving souls. Then they rationalize lying about anything that is convenient. And of course it all starts with the lies they tell themselves about their faith–even they don’t believe that crap. That’s why they get so angry when you call them out–they hate getting caught.

  6. says

    “Thousands?” In one day? Please. Those idiots can’t even make up a plausible-sounding lie. Either that, or they just don’t care enough to put any mental effort into their day-to-day spiel.

  7. UnknownEric the Apostate says

    Yeah, ummm, if I see someone on the street standing by a sign that says “Free hugs for atheists,” I’m crossing the street to the other side as fast as I can.

  8. unclefrogy says

    that one sounds like a joke , making fun of christians. I can’t see it any other way

  9. rblackadar says

    I can imagine a scenario where the second paragraph isn’t a total lie, but rather, a failure by the hugger to recognize mockery for what it was. However, the “thousands” detail isn’t remotely believable.

  10. answersingenitals says

    How many atheists noticed that their wallet was gone right after they got their hug!?!

  11. bcw bcw says

    “A funny thing happened to me today”
    “Oh, no, that was to someone else.”

    (Can’t remember the comedian’s name.)

  12. bcw bcw says

    His hug plan would have worked too if he hadn’t forgotten to take off his “f**k your feelings” tee-shirt.

  13. raven says

    There is no way that I would let a creepy xian like this get anywhere near me.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if all the people that know them, run away screaming when they see them coming.

  14. Walter Solomon says

    I can see this form of emotional manipulation working on a population of downtrodden people. This is why Christians often run soup kitchens and food pantries. It’s a way to win souls.

    If they’re suggesting most of the people who are hard on their luck are atheists, I doubt it. There are very few people who consider themselves to be “atheist” to begin with (it’s probably only slightly more popular a label than “racist,” “pedophile,” or “terrorist” in the US) and most people, including those suffering from substance abuse, are theists even if they aren’t particularly religious.

    This is just another variation on a theme — everyone has a “God-sized hole” in their heart and are desperately hoping to be saved.

  15. notaandomposter says

    the only way any part of that is even remotely possible is if the poster was extremely attractive, scantily clad and the intersection was between the two exhibit halls at the CES in Vegas (or a similar venue)- creeps will say whatever the hugee wants to hear in order to wrap them in a hug

    also if it really happened (which I doubt) the hug giver outer likely now has covid – from not social distancing from thousands of strangers

  16. birgerjohansson says

    This atheist strawman is part of dehumanising the “other” (even if the purpose is conversion rather than ethnic cleansing).
    The implication is that millions are kept back from becoming rapists or serial killers just by a rational calculus of avoiding punishment rather than a full suite of values (which atheists cannot have according to this belief) – that is really an exaggeration of the power of rational thinking.
    But to this subset of Christians a person without faith must be a meat robot powered by barely constrained base instincts. Only a person of faith can have a full inner life, granted by god. At least that is how I interpret their way of thinking.

  17. says

    That story would be more convincing if “Sir” was part of the quote from the atheist. Just like Donald Trump’s stories about all those people who call him Sir when they thank him for being so wonderful.

  18. Trickster Goddess says

    I am heartened by the idea that there a thousands of atheists passing by a corner in a US city. Plus when you add in all the atheists who were too busy to stop or didn’t care about hugging some random stranger, that must mean atheists are the majority in that city.

  19. Nemo says

    I’m with #8. The second paragraph is too silly for anyone to pass off as real, starting from the word “thousands”.

  20. DanDare says

    These smarmy, arogant parables are not for the benefit of atheists. They are for the Christians to feel smug and secure when the world around them is turning away from them.

  21. birgerjohansson says

    What about the parable of the Black Death, that did not care about all the prayers or all the pious massacring of jews and went on killing millions of Christians as if religion did not matter?

  22. birgerjohansson says

    Muslim activists also imply they are the only moral ones, and the world of the kuffar is a world of conflict and chaos.
    All that is needed to leave this hellish existence behind and be happy is to say the shahada (“there is no god but…”).

  23. Artor says

    I’ll take a hug from a friend, after asking if they’ve been vaxxed and or masked appropriately. No fucking way am I hugging some rando on the street, and neither am I going to join his phony club.

  24. gijoel says

    @6 That message isn’t aimed at non-believers. It’s aimed at the god-worriers who smugly hug themselves when they think about converting the unfaithful.

    Also there’s no fucking way I’m hugging anyone, let alone a bible-basher who doesn’t believe in vaccines in the middle of a pandemic. I can’t even hug friends and family due to omicron.

  25. Rich Woods says

    Why do they feel such a need to lie? Surely they hear enough lies each Sunday to see them safely through the week.

  26. Kagehi says

    @12 answersingenitals

    lol More than a few times my brother has commented, “If someone says, ‘I am a Christian.’, my first response is to check that I still have my wallet, then ask them what the heck they want.”

  27. ajbjasus says

    I thought the main reason we were atheists was because we led a life of unbridled fornication.

    That must involve the odd cuddle?

  28. cartomancer says

    You know, I’ve tried my hardest to live a life of debauchery. I really have. I’ve spent hours looking for sex on phone apps. I’ve been to cruise bars and sauna clubs and sex meets several nights a week for months. I’ve tried convincing friends to have sex with me when it looked a likely prospect. But none of it has worked. Not even a sniff of debauchery.

    I’ve been an atheist since I was born. Never believed in the existence of gods once. Gold star heathen right here.
    Is there something else I have to not believe in before I get the debauchery?

  29. llyris says

    @36 cartomancer. Of course you haven’t managed any debauchery. You only get debauchery if you believe sex and fun and non-standard relationships are debauched. Otherwise you just get sex and fun and non-standard relationships.

  30. flange says

    I think you could substitute “Democrat” for “atheist” and “Republican” for “God.” Apples to Apples.

  31. WhiteHatLurker says

    Looking forward to my life of hedonism more than a random hug from some (really) strange person.

    When does the debauchery start?

  32. says

    @43 – I think I agree with that – I came here to comment that the post seemed like some sort of satire to me.

    But I also know that if I assume everything that I read that sounds silly is satire, I’m living among a hundred million very bad satirists.