1. davidc1 says

    Off topic,but I just have to share this with someone.
    Over here in good old GB,a antivaxxer came down with the virus,par for the course you will think,but the best bit is his name.
    Wait for it.
    His name is O’Looney, hahaha.
    What a great time to be alive.

  2. StevoR says

    Like someone else who commented on the clip, I must admit I always thought spiders just got all their water from their prey and didn’t have to drink as such.. guess I was wrong.

  3. CorporalKlinger says

    That was interesting, thank you for posting. I also didn’t know that spiders drink water as such. I’ve been rather indifferent about spiders, until I started to read your posts about your research. I used to let them be as long as they didn’t bother me too much, vacuum them up occasionally, I admit. Now, I catch them and put them outside in the garden.