There’s a reason Minnesotans don’t wear sandals in Winter

I’m still required to wear backless shoes as I recover from Achilles tendinitis, and the only such shoes I have are a pair of sandals. I also still have to take a very short walk to the lab to take care of spiders and flies. Today, while wearing my heaviest, warmest socks and making only a short shuffle from parking lot to science building, I discovered that this combo, despite being awesomely stylish, provides no protection for one’s toes on even a mild Minnesota winter day.

Said toes are now snorgled down in a hot heating pack. You could get frostbite really quickly out there if you aren’t properly prepared!


  1. Timothy Hamilton says

    You might consider electric socks. You can probably find them in sporting/hunting goods store. Somewhere ice fisherman go. A quick Google search found prices ranging from 20 some odd dollars to over $200.

  2. UnknownEric the Apostate says

    He’s got electric socks
    and mohair… umm… smocks?
    I read it in a science magaZIIIIIIIne
    P-P-P-PZ and the Jets…

  3. John Morales says

    You could do surgery on some old shoes, removing the back but leaving the front.

    (Then sell the concept to advertisers and become rich!)

  4. JoeBuddha says

    @2 (Timothy Hamilton):
    Radar : [as Hawkeye and Trapper wrestle with Frank Burns, for his battery-warmed socks] They’re hunting socks, sir.
    Henry Blake : At this hour?

  5. naturalistguy says

    I’d recommend a good pair of wool socks if you haven’t got some already. Warmer than cotton and don’t hold nearly as much water if they get wet. Well worth the money.

  6. Reginald Selkirk says

    You need a pair of “Men’s mule slippers.” Maybe Santa will come through for you.

  7. Rich Woods says

    I’ve been wearing thick (or thin, in summer) socks and sandals since last February due to toe and ankle joint problems, but this winter doesn’t bother me because I reckon I’ll just wear socks to go to the shops when there’s ice on the ground. The one time I did that many years previously (through incompetence, not for medical reasons) wool socks gave me the best grip I’ve ever had on icy pavements. It’ll be difficult in the days when the ice turns to slush, though.

  8. Jazzlet says

    naturalistguy ‘7
    It’s not so much that wool doesn’t hold water, but that it can hold up to 30% of it’s weight in water without feeling damp. One of the reasons it’s such a great fibre for fabric of many kinds.

  9. TGAP Dad says

    Ever think of waterproof hiking socks?
    As for the shearling clogs, I’m not a fan of clogs, but I swear by shearling. The best purchase I ever made were the LL Bean wicked good shearling slippers I’ve owned for ten years.

  10. Bad Bart says

    I bicycle year round in Seattle wearing cycling sandals and Showers Pass Crosspoint waterproof socks over regular socks. My feet stay dry and warm as long as not too much rain runs down my leg past the cuff of the socks.

  11. drew says

    Just one pair of socks? Do you only wear a t-shirt in winter? No chaps with your thong? Feet deserve layers, too. More socks!
    – year-round sandals-wearer in Iowa