How’s life going for the Nazis among us?

Not well, as it turns out. Richard Spencer thought he was going to live happily ever after in his mother’s $3 million home in Whitefish, Montana, making media appearances and building a fascist empire and inspiring a new generation of American brownshirts, but he is, ummm, struggling.

In addition to his ex-wife filing for divorce in 2018, Spencer has been denied service in Whitefish establishments and keeps a “very low profile,” according to the Times.

Spencer has also dealt with mounting legal and financial troubles as his attorney, whom he has been unable to pay for his services, withdrew last summer from representing him in a lawsuit over his involvement in the Charlottesville rally, the Associated Press reported.

The trial will begin on October 25 at a federal courthouse in Charlottesville. Case documents reveal that counterprotestors and victims filed a suit against the organizers of the “Unite the Right” rally in Virginia, who will be tried for conspiring to commit racial violence and potential hate crimes.

Awwww. His family broke up. He can’t get served in local restaurants. He’s dead broke. His lawyer abandoned him. He’s got a big trial coming up. And that’s not the worst thing…

All he will ever be remembered for is that he’s the Nazi who got punched in the face, and the only thing he has inspired is more Nazi-punching.

Meanwhile, another fascist with ambitious aspirations has his dreams crushed. Steve Bannon thought he had a classy joint to act as a base of operations in Italy, but he’s been thrown out and is going to have to look for new digs.

Steve Bannon’s plans to set up a right-wing nationalist “gladiator school” in an 800-year-old Italian monastery now lay in ruins. The Art Newspaper reported Wednesday that the Italian culture ministry has evicted Bannon’s close ally—British conservative Benjamin Harnwell—from the historic building after a long and drawn-out legal battle. The former Trump strategist wanted to bring far-right leaders and enthusiasts from around the world to the monastery in the hilltop town of Trisult. He told The New Yorker this year that the plan was to “generate the next Tom Cottons, Mike Pompeos, Nikki Haleys: that next generation that follows Trump.” However, to Bannon’s fury, Italy’s Council of State revoked the group’s lease in March, and now Harnwell has reportedly been removed from the building.

Anyone got a toxic waste dump they’re willing to share?

I think we ought to build him a legacy by destroying politically all the Tom Cottons, Mike Pompeos, and Nikki Haleys that are still around. What a great success, that he would cite those three as examples of his training.


  1. says

    “right-wing nationalist “gladiator school” in an 800-year-old Italian monastery now lay in ruins.”
    Italy’s relationship with fascism should have made the problems with this proposal obvious even to these assholes.

  2. davidc1 says

    And little tommy five names robinson lost a court case over here and is now bankrupt .
    Now if hatie katie ,and that smary git farage would fall off a very tall building ,the world would be a slightly
    better place .Be even better if they were to land on the top of the donald .

  3. Jazzlet says

    @#2 david1
    Yeah I laughed a lot when I saw our Stephen Yaxley-Lennon lost his case and was bankrupt. Though I suspect in the way of these slime balls he will not be going on universal credit.

  4. birgerjohansson says

    Personally, I am more frightened by those who are blatantly corrupt, but outrank the courts; Trump is unlikely to see prison and the British evil clown has burned down a nation and is getting away with it.
    People like that they are not motivated by anything as abstract as ideology; they are more like when Churchill let a million Indian people starve to death because he could not be bothered.

  5. says

    Me, reading: Richard Spencer? He’s the Nazi who got punched in the face, right?
    PZ: “(Picture) All he will ever be remembered for is that he’s the Nazi who got punched in the face…”
    Me, in Nelson’s voice and pointing: “Ha-ha!”

  6. robro says

    If Dick Spencer and Banana Bannon need financial help, maybe the Dumbster gang will chip in. Hahahahahaha.

  7. Louis says

    It’s very tricky to support someone’s right to free-speech, set up their own institutions, create their own platforms whilst laughing so hard.

    Someone got some schadenfreude in my liberalism, or did they get liberalism in my schadenfreude? Such a tough conflict to resolve.

    Ah well, I’m still laughing, it makes me a bad person, but I’m okay with that.


  8. isochron says

    To “generate the next Tom Cottons, Mike Pompeos, Nikki Haleys: that next generation that follows Trump.” surely a lobotomy is all that’s required?

  9. davidc1 says

    @3 I think he must have known before hand that he was going to lose ,he has supposed to have split up with his wife
    and the big house the mugs who support him paid for is now in his wife’s name .
    Don’t think the Insolvency mob will believe that ,he might end up getting his collar felt .
    Normally you are Bankrupt for just a year ,but if they think you are pulling a fast one they can extend it for 7 ,or more years .

    I am Bankrupt since March this year ,I am lucky I am only bankrupt for a year .
    Was going to confess the whole sordid story ,but this isn’t the place .