I can’t listen to these people anymore

It’s weaponized misinformation. Here’s a woman testifying before a school board about masking students in school. It’s painful to listen to, and so familiar and cliched.

Let’s take it apart.

I’m here for the children.

No, she’s not. This is the excused used by every puritanical defender of traditional customs ever.

There is zero evidence that COVID-19 exists in the world.

Except for all the detailed molecular analyses of the virus, the epidemiological studies, the crowded hospitals, and all the goddamned dead people.

This is a plandemic. Fake virus. Bioweapon jab.

Yes, she knows all the stupid buzzwords. For somebody who just declared their allegiance to the evidence, there’s a problematic deficiency in evidence-based reasoning here. Where did she get this nonsense?

Fake president.

Oh, she got it from Fox News, Donald Trump, and QAnon.

You will not experiment on my children. It’s always been about the children. We know you’re coming for the children.

The children again. No one wants to experiment on your brood, but lots of people want to ensure the health and safety of blameless children. Who is coming for your children? Name them, with evidence that they want your kids.

We will not comply. We only answer to god.

There is far more evidence for COVID-19 than for your god.

People are waking up. Nothing can stop what is coming.

What is coming? Be specific. I’m fairly sure there’s a number of antivax deaths coming.

You vote yes, you will all be tried for crimes against humanity.

Does this work both ways? If the school board adopts the idiotic policies demanded by Trump voters and Q fanatics, and children and educators die as a consequence, can we try this sad, deranged woman for crimes against humanity?

Children don’t disappear. 800,000 children in the United States disappear.

Uh, what? Do they disappear or don’t they?

This, at least, is a specific accusation with a number. We know where that number comes from: the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. The QAnoners have ripped it out of context.

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, roughly 800,000 children are reported missing each year in the United States — that’s roughly 2,000 per day.

Of those, there are 115 child “stranger abduction” cases each year, which means the child was taken by an unknown person.

So the 800,000 number is just telling us how often parents called in reporting that they couldn’t find their kid, not the number of abductions. The actual number of abductions is 115, which is tragic and horrible and terrifying enough without amplifying it to an unbelievable 3/4 of a million children being stolen away to be ground up for adrenochrome…for which there is no evidence, by the way.

Where do they go? Human trafficking is the real pandemic.

It’s a serious problem. It is not of the same magnitude as the pandemic.

The mainstream media doesn’t cover it. There is no virus. The media is the virus.

Well, maybe the media you consume, lady. Get off the Q websites and Fox and OAN and Newsmax, you won’t find the coverage at all perfect, but it’s better than the sewage you willingly pump down your throat.

The politicians, Hollywood are all involved.

Which politicians? I’m pretty sure any list you provided would be heavily biased against Democrats, and the Hollywood people you hate are mostly Jewish.

Please, vote no today. I’m begging you. I want you to think real hard about these children.

If anyone things real hard about the welfare of children, they wouldn’t be telling them to mill around in a mass with no protection.

Trump won.

Of course. We really need to put Trump on trial for crimes against humanity — he has poisoned the body politic of the United States, possibly irreparably.

I have a relative who is almost this bad. There’s a reason I’ve refused your Facebook requests, Linda — you sound just like this dangerous kook.


  1. wzrd1 says

    The numbers don’t wash, a quick Google search revealed 350 stranger abductions and 155,,800 parents abducting children per year.
    So, 156,150 = 800,000 in their distorted math. While I’m the farthest from being a math major, I can indeed add and subtract quite functionally.

    Annoyingly, we’ve had this argument over masks a century ago, neither the science or idiocy has changed since then.
    But, there is a new variant that’s sidestepping the vaccine. One case report revealed 7 dead so far that were vaccinated and the antivirals won’t work on it, just to put a rotten cherry on top of that shitdae.* The leading 90 pound brains are predicting a nightmare variant to escape into the greater populace quite soon.**
    So, I guess we’ll all finish the idiotic argument from our ICU, through our ventilators.

    PRO/AH/EDR> COVID-19 update (280): new variant B.1.621, Canada, regional, WHO

    ** Personal correspondence with an epidemiologist that I know. EpiRen, to name drop.

  2. p.phillips says

    The hell of it is, I am not sure Princess Q-nut here is the nuttiest of the people babbling nonsense at this meeting. Meeting here (Princess Q-nut shows up around the 3 hours re sec mark) https://www.facebook.com/watch/live/?v=535868601070177&ref=watch_permalink

    Shortly before her, a woman claiming to be a doctor that runs a clinic was saying that germ theory isn’t real. And I guess viruses aren’t actually dangerous? Something something gummint conspiracy. Just…wow. So many crackpots, smug in their surety of their BS.

  3. says

    And there are millions just like her. I do not see how this can end well when 40 some % of the country believes opinion over truth.

  4. lumipuna says


    I presume children (mostly teenageres) can go briefly missing for countless reasons other than abduction. Like going somewhere overnight and not telling their parents. Or running away from home. Or getting lost in the woods. Also, I suspect child trafficking doesn’t usually involve abduction, but rather grooming of teens who already ran away from home, or are neglected or already abused by their parents.

  5. petesh says

    Just yesterday, on the main downtown street in Santa Cruz, I walked past some guy on the opposite side of the street with a little raised platform and a portable loudpeaker orating, presumably to the tune of, to quote his sign, “Evolution Is A Lie.” Fortunately, I couldn’t hear a word he was saying because on the other side of the street there were a couple of scruffy dudes playing metal music at absolutely top volume while giggling like maniacs. No one seemed to be asking them to stop.

  6. taikonotaiko says

    I was gonna make the point that wzrd1 made, that there are likely a ton of parent abductions. But also wanna add if we’re counting missing children, does this include runaways too? And the rest… probably parents worried because their kid forgot to tell them they were staying over at their mate’s house, playing Minecraft, and their phone was out of charge. XD

    Anyway, children need to be vaccinated. Just because otherwise this is never going to end. No arguments. If there was a choice to give my vaccine to my kid, I would have done in a second. Because honestly, that’s what it means to think about the children. To allow her to go play and socialise with other children (very important at her age, because she’s 3) in safety. Which is why she’s had every other vaccine that kids her age are meant to – because she can and we’ve got to help make the world safer for people who can’t. (Note there is a big difference between ‘can’t’ and ‘won’t’ here).

    When are they going to find a vaccine for QAnon haha

  7. says

    Everyone should keep this in mind: Those individuals (*) in Tennessee shouting at teachers and administrators in their cars after that meeting? If the positions were reversed (the shouters were in the cars) they would have run over the teachers, just as rightwingnuts have done elsewhere.

    (* I can’t bring myself to say people, but can’t insult them either.)

  8. raven says

    I’m fairly sure there’s a number of antivax deaths coming.

    Already here. The number of antivaxxers who will die of Covid-19 virus is in the tens of thousands and tens of thousands more will die in the next few months. The hospitals in most places are now full past capacity with Covid-19 virus patients. They are putting them in hallways and may soon be putting them in parking lots.
    Repost from yesterday.

    kdrv.com edited for length

    Representatives from Asante, Providence, and Jackson and Josephine County Public Health held a press conference on Thursday to outline the dire COVID-19 situation in southwest Oregon.

    Posted: Aug 12, 2021 10:51 AM Posted By: Jamie Parfitt
    MEDFORD, Ore. — Representatives from Asante, Providence, and Jackson and Josephine County Public Health held a press conference on Thursday to outline the dire COVID-19 situation in southwest Oregon.

    “We have surpassed anything we’ve seen before, in terms of this disease,” said Dr. Jim Shames, Jackson County health officer.

    Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center
    Jackson County reported a dizzying 416 new cases on Thursday, another new record for daily cases after hitting 267 earlier this week. Across Jackson and Josephine counties, 150 people are currently hospitalized with COVID-19. Of those patients, 41 were in an intensive care unit (ICU) and 13 were on a ventilator. There were only four ICU beds available across the region as of Thursday morning.

    “This is the worst condition our hospitals have seen, likely ever,” Weber said.
    For Asante and Providence, the sustained rise in hospitalizations means that their hospitals are essentially operating at maximum capacity. In some cases, healthcare workers are working around beds and medical equipment set up in hallways, some of them pulling 20-hour shifts to helps serve the needs of patients.

    Kotler said that Asante has had to cancel more than 350 surgeries to make room for the surge in COVID-19 patients, denying more than 200 patient referrals, and daily have between 10 and 40 patients waiting for available Emergency Room beds. Kotler also clarified that the kind of “elective” surgeries being canceled are not merely cosmetic — many of them are vital, life-altering procedures.

    “We are beyond full,” Kotler said.

    Jackson County has made a request to the state for the establishment of a field hospital to handle hospital overflow in the region, in addition to requests for more ventilators and solutions to the crisis in staffing.

    Statewide, hospitalizations for COVID-19 reached 670 as of Thursday. Of those patients, 177 were in an ICU. Both numbers continue to rise on a daily basis.

    “Our hospitals are full. Patients are boarding and being cared for in emergency departments when they should be admitted to hospital beds. Our ICUs are full,” said Dr. David Zonies, associate chief medical officer and professor of surgery at OHSU. “Our doctors and nurses are exhausted and rightfully frustrated because this crisis is avoidable. It is like watching a train wreck coming and knowing that there’s an opportunity to switch tracks, yet we feel helpless while we watch unnecessary loss of life. That is why it is essential that we all do our part to get vaccinated and wear a mask indoors.”

    The hospitals in southern Oregon (Medford, Ashland, Grants Pass) are beyond full of Covid-19 patients. They are putting patients anywhere they can including in the hallways.
    Their latest plan is to set up a field hospital in the parking lot, if they can find one.

    This is happening everywhere.
    And oh yeah, 95% of these patients are not vaccinated.

  9. raven says

    The antivaxxers are getting violent. No surprise.
    There have been other attacks on vaccine stations in Tennessee and LA. An antimasker attacked a teacher in California yesterday.


    Person stabbed as pro- and anti-vaccination demonstrators clash outside L.A. City Hall
    Aug. 14, 2021, 10:17 PM PDT By Dennis Romero

    One person was stabbed Saturday outside Los Angeles City Hall during dueling protests by pro- and anti-vaccination demonstrators.

    The victim, described by police as male, was treated by fire department personnel, the Los Angeles Police Department said on Instagram.

    “No arrests have been made but investigation is on going,” the department tweeted.

    The afternoon demonstrations included a “choose freedom march against medical tyranny” gathering on the right side of the political spectrum and a “no safe space for fascists” rally on the left.

    The groups gathered on City Hall’s south lawn and later clashed on the streets in the shadow of L.A. police headquarters. Video showed multiple fights break out.

    Frank Stoltze, a reporter for KPCC radio, tweeted he was at the protests and was “shoved, kicked and my eyeglasses were ripped off of my face by a group of guys at a protest – outside City Hall.”

    Other observers, including Tina-Desiree Berg, said they were attacked by anti-vaccine protesters.

    It’s not entirely clear whether the right wingnuts or antifa stabbed the guy. But usually it is the right wingnuts and they also attacked other people.

    “No arrests have been made but investigation is on going,” the department tweeted. This is typical. The police are often absent from these riots and rarely arrest right wingnuts. I’m sure at least some of the cops are on their side.

  10. raven says

    You will not experiment on my children.

    OmmiCthulhu, she had children. Well, their life is already wrecked.

    I seriously doubt that she is going to send them to public schools. Or that she herself ever went to a public school. Most likely they are getting homeschooled using fake fundie xian lesson plans from Abeka or some other cult.

  11. says

    Fine. Don’t let your kids wear a mask. But if Covid isn’t real, don’t take them to the hospital when they mysteriously can’t breathe due to a Plandemic. I mean, you’ve got essential oils; that’ll cure it, right? 🙄

    Yeah, I’m completely out of fecks to give and my give-a-damn is busted. Sorry.

  12. wajim says

    Wait for the video of her (likely blaming Biden for not mandating masks) in an ICU, or one of her children . . . a matter of days at this R0 for Delta

  13. expat says

    “You will not experiment on my children”

    I’ve got news for you, lady – your children are now part of the control group if they’re not vaccinated.

  14. says

    My grandfather was like that toward the end. He spent all day every day soaking himself in fox news. He alienated the whole rest of the family. It was so sad.

  15. weylguy says

    “It’s always been about the children. We know you’re coming for the children.”

    Oh dear, when will them there Democrats get enough of that hemochrome from the blood of the children they kidnap and murder?

  16. llyris says

    ‘We will not comply. We only answer to god’.
    Your god told you to comply. Your god told you to pay your taxes and be good citizens. Maybe read the book instead of fetishising it.

  17. vucodlak says

    Wow, all that crap is pretty much verbatim what the Q-creep who stalked me and threaten my life after I started posting on my fascist, Big-Lie-pushing congressman’s website after the insurrection (which my congressman tried to blame on antifa, BLM, and the Democrats). The anti-vaxxer lies, the “I only listen to my god who believes exactly what I believe” attitude, the thinly-veiled threats (which will no doubt turn more explicit), the accusations, right down to the exact numbers that they gleefully misrepresent to make their sick fantasies sound like they have real evidence to back them up (they don’t).

    And they are fantasies. These people are desperate to believe the nonsense they spout, because it makes them feel special and brave without requiring them to do anything but flap their lips and threaten people for positions of relative safety.

    If any of these people have children, they need to lose all access to them NOW. I’ve never known any of these “won’t somebody please think of the children” assholes who sling around evidence-free accusations of child abuse who wasn’t a child abuser. The more they indulge in graphic fantasies of violence against the imagined predators, the worse are the things they’re almost certainly doing to their children.

    My mother is like this- she’ll encounter some (usually fictional) instance of child abuse (usually on a police procedural) and she’ll make some grotesque pronouncement like “people like that should be castrated with a rusty knife.” Except… mom was a child abuser. Not a sexual abuser, as far as I know, but definitely a physical and especially a psychological child abuser. This is a woman who once screamed at and threatened me for breathing too loud while I was having an asthma attack. Hell, she knows that that kind of violent fantasy triggers the fuck out of me, and she keeps doing it. I’m far from a child now, but neither her behavior nor my reaction to it is a new phenomenon.

    The woman in this post claims to have children, and styles herself a protector of children. My stalker claimed to be a teacher for special needs children (I dearly hope that she was just as big a liar about that as she was about everything else). These people strike me as being little different than the child molesters they claim to hate so much, in that they make these grandiose claims as both a cover for their own abuses and in hopes that it will give them access to more victims.

    They’re predators, period.

  18. GerrardOfTitanServer says

    The hospitals in southern Oregon (Medford, Ashland, Grants Pass) are beyond full of Covid-19 patients. They are putting patients anywhere they can including in the hallways.
    Their latest plan is to set up a field hospital in the parking lot, if they can find one.

    This is happening everywhere.
    And oh yeah, 95% of these patients are not vaccinated.

    That low? I thought it was closer to 99%, or 99.9%.

  19. brightmoon says

    I’m truly starting not to care about any anti vaxxer . That comedy song “ I have no F**** To Give” plays in my head every time I meet one of these idiots . I know that they infect others and are a potential reservoir for further evolution of a superbug . I realized this yesterday when I understood that I haven’t fought one these idiots for months. I think the last straw for me was that preacher who called the vaccination the Mark of the Beast!

  20. chrislawson says


    I would be even more explicit about their failure. It’s more than “opinion over truth”, it’s “belligerent antisocial delusion over overwhelming empirical evidence”.

  21. chrislawson says

    “You will not experiment on our children.”

    Citizen, every child ever born is a little experiment.

  22. says

    Just to add a little anecdote: wife and I were canoeing on the Trinity (Dallas, TX) and saw loads of people and police searching the river bank, and then the police helicopter, all were searching for a boy who (as we later read in the news) had merely omitted to tell his parents that he was sleeping over at a friend’s. He must have been counted among the ‘missing’.

  23. LorrieAnne M says

    “Jackson County has made a request to the state for the establishment of a field hospital to handle hospital overflow in the region, in addition to requests for more ventilators and solutions to the crisis in staffing.”

    And the wildfire smoke is complicating this. We’ve been bouncing between Unhealthy and Very Unhealthy for the past week or so. I guess they can now safely set up tents since we look to be heading towards Moderate to Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups with the breaking of the heat dome. Yay, us?

  24. davidc1 says

    @11 Yeah ,over here in GB ,medical staff have been verbally abused and sometimes attacked by wackaloon anti-vaxxers .

  25. markkernes says

    Say, remember how we deal with vicious animals that attack communities/people? Right; we shoot them with tranquilizer darts to “gentle them down” so they can be dealt with. My suggestion is to load those tranq rifles with COVID vaccine syringes and shoot them at all the anti-vaxers who show up rallying against vaccine mandates.

  26. wzrd1 says

    While rightfully alarming that hospitals are overflowing, far too many fixate upon expansion into tent facilities. If staffing can be adequately arraigned, care can be actually superior, in part due to more careful adherence to standard practices.
    Some years ago, Kimbrough hospital had moved their OR’s and post-op care wards to tents during a major and badly needed renovation and they noticed a marked decrease in post operative complications. I suggested that the studies they were performing would reveal greater attention to detail in infection avoidance, all out of concern for perceived lower quality of facilities (there really wasn’t a difference in quality, as military medical tentage isn’t anything like camping gear, with full air filtration and conditioning, as well as easily cleaned surfaces inside of the tent liner). That was what the studies eventually revealed. Complacency can be quite deadly.
    Still, it would’ve been far better to have dodged this bullet, rather than leapt up to greet it. :(

  27. fishy says

    I learned today of the death of a coworker from covid. We never really got along, but what was told to me no one should have to experience.
    He had extensive clotting in his legs. They were trying to surgically remove clots. He had to put on a ventilator. Even if he were to survive, it would be as an amputee.
    His family decided to let him go.
    He was unvaccinated.
    He wasn’t very bright. He liked the things so many like. He was gregarious. He thought he was a good bowler. He was constantly in debt. He was in his 40’s and trading plasma for cash. His third wife was nearly 20 years his junior. He had child care payments and car payments and a mortgage. He complained endlessly of these. He pawned his property. He would buy a bowling ball instead of paying a debt.
    As I said, we never got along. I feel some shame in not feeling more empathy in his passing.

  28. dstatton says

    I can’t help but extrapolate. In ten years 8 million children will have disappeared. Schools and playgrounds emptying out. And no one notices!

  29. unclefrogy says

    I will be very much surprised if we get through this without it getting worse it already is leaning that way. I had doubts that this was on the way to being over back in march – april. I hope we can get through this without everyone getting the virus but that doubt is saying most of us will have gotten it before it is over.
    As for things getting back to normal, there are too many other things happening at the same time for the old normal to return looks like we are just starting to me. (yes i have a rain cloud hanging over my head why do you ask?)