I did something normal last night!

It felt good. The Morris Theater has re-opened after a long pandemic hiatus, so I actually went to a movie! I love just going to a movie theater, and I’ve missed it.

In case you are concerned because the pandemic is not over yet, I was sensible about it. I’m vaccinated, I wore my mask while interacting with the box office clerk, and, well, this is Morris. I was the only person in the theater! I would like to complain to the management that they could have stayed open all through the past year if they had only allowed one person, me, to attend each showing.

Oh, the movie? Cruella. If I’d had a lot of choices, it’s not one I would have picked, but well, this is Morris. You take what is offered. It was an OK bit of fluff, it’s main virtue is that it gave two Emmas (Stone and Thompson) an opportunity to chew the scenery as over-the-top villains. I like them both as actors, so I’m not going to complain that they got paid to have some indulgent fun.

I also have low expectations for summer movies. The previews were a blur of car chases, superheroes, and random explosions.


  1. birgerjohansson says

    Over-the top villains? What was 1-year-old Stewie Griffin doing in that movie?

    Normal things to do…..People at my workplace have had the vaccine, so today we celebrated by sitting out in the sun and eating cake. And I am derailing the thread with a fuzzy, feel-good post about cats.
    “Animal Shelter Throws Fabulous Birthday Party For 19-Year-Old Cat.
    Happy birthday to Sammy, a “sweet, carefree” senior cat who loves napping and people-watching” https://www.huffpost.com/entry/cat-19th-birthday-party-shelter_n_60c93b02e4b0c7cdc863996f
    …and now back to the thread.
    Since the time has been weird, we deserve a new David Lynch film. And some Japanese Kaiju films.

  2. R. L. Foster says

    Where’s the symbol for the plagues that swept through the Americas post-Contact? By some estimates upwards of 90% of the North American Indians were killed off by measles, influenza and smallpox. When the first Pilgrims landed in what is now Massachusetts they came across countless towns and villages littered with the bones of the deceased. There were so few natives left that there was no one left to bury them. The Pilgrims thought this was their god’s cleansing of the land to allow their settlement to succeed. And what about the smallpox epidemic that killed so many Aztecs that Cortez was only able to take Tenochtitlan after a prolonged siege?