Oh no! A murderbot showed up last night!

This is terrible. I pre-ordered Fugitive Telemetry (The Murderbot Diaries Book 6) ages ago, and it crawled into my Kindle app overnight and is sitting there, tempting me.

There’s no way I can read it now. I don’t have the time.

But…on the day I turn in my final grades in mid-May, the sun will be shining, the weather will be balmy, and I will be relaxing on the deck, reading this book, free of all stress, every muscle unkinking, brow unfurrowed.

And the day after that I’ll be scouring the countryside for spiders.


  1. Artor says

    My library had the first 4 books on audio, and I just listened to them. It’s a good story, and I’ll recommend it. I’m glad to see there’s 2 more I haven’t encountered yet.

  2. says

    I suspect that Evil Cat will read it before you do. I cannot imagine a cat not being a Murderbot fan, and yours especially so. If you spot the cat near your phone, or your computer, or your Kindle, in the next few days and that book shows up as the “current process”… well, you’ve been warned.

    The problem is that cats take pre-book Murderbot as a role model.

  3. says

    It actually hurts my heart that not only did you get it through Amazon but you bought a Kindle. I’ve been boycotting Amazon for over a year now. It’s a little harder but I refuse to commit any more of my money to the Bezos empire.

  4. dodecapode says

    I’ve got mine too. I’ve been counting down the days and luckily I have time to make a start on it tonight!

  5. birgerjohansson says

    The Murderbot series is my new favourite.
    Hint: When you have read the latest in the series, you can read the full trilogy of Peter F Hamilton ‘s latest hard SF novels (The Salvation Sequence).
    Neal Asher has written a short novel (The Bosch) during lockdown and “Laundry ” enthusiasts can enjoy Charles Stross’ “Dead Lies Dreaming” .
    Arkady Martine has written the highly praised “A Memory Calles Empire”.
    “Children Of Ruin” has eight-legged protagonists.

  6. chesapeake says

    Here is a review from amazon:” This is a bold-faced con-job! Take one big novel, split it into four novellas, charge three bucks for the first one and ten for each of the next three. That’s the kindle price btw, so $33 for an aprox. 650 page novel. It’s a decent story, but I feel like a chump for buying it.”
    Does this bother anybody?

  7. Rowan vet-tech says

    @chesapeake Not really. Because these novellas are individual story beats that have good end points that would not have worked as well in a single novel. Would I like a novel-length story? Absolutely. But if you don’t want to pay that much there’s a simple answer- don’t buy them. I’m willing because this universe and the character are completely enthralling to me.

  8. betterkevin says

    My wife took the day off work for this book. Granted, she does that a handful of times a year for book releases, but still…

  9. birgerjohansson says

    OT horror story. (reference: The H G Wells story on radio) -The skeptic Harris Sultan on Youtube just had an item titled “Godzilla in Pakistan”.
    People in a neighborhood were scared by loud roaring echoing trough the streets during the night.
    It turned out the imam that had been calling for prayer through a loudspeaker had forgotten to switch off the power to the microphone before falling asleep…