The only memes I need are @jeanjeanpizzaqueen memes

It’s a local thing. UMM students are making memes praising one of the cafeteria workers at JeanJeanPizzaQueen.

It’s so dang wholesome and midwestern it’s giving me a toothache.


  1. blf says

    For those who, like me, have do not have an instagibberish account — and thus are prohibited from seeing anything — here is a very recent article from The University Register, Dining Hall Worker Gains Online Following. A snippet:

    Out of all the varieties served, macaroni pizza appears to be the most popular based on Jean’s observations; in the words of Not Jean [the account operator] it just “hits DIFFERENT.”

    Macaroni pizza ? Don’t ever again complain about pineapple on pizza ! (At least it isn’t peas.)

      † I believe there are several ways around the “you must have an account” policy, but I’m not interested.

  2. lochaber says

    As to macaroni pizza…

    first time I dropped out of school, I worked in a pizza shop. It was actually a pretty cool job for my situation. I forget what minimum wage was, but I was making a bit above it, I got a ~10% raise after a month or so, and I could eat as much pizza as I wanted. Plus, there was a counter tip jar, which didn’t amount to much, but it was often enough to cover a beer or two for everyone working. And the hours suited me.

    Anyways, the owner (a fellow (wealthy) student…), would sometimes come in late at night, somewhat inebriated, with some new idea they wanted to implement. A lot of people took issue with this, but I figured I’m getting paid regardless, so, sure, I’ll make whatever weird pizza combo that is this week’s new idea. One of these ideas, which was surprisingly popular, was ziti pizza. I didn’t get it, as I don’t quite see the appeal of a slightly chewy/crunchy starch as a topping on a food item that is already starch-based. But, lots of people liked it, so for a while we were making a whole bunch of ziti-pizza slice pies…

  3. damien75 says

    I don’t understand the meme the least in the world. I read it and re-read it. I’m racking my brains. Utter confusion.