1. DonDueed says

    That appears to be an artist’s rendition of the bomb hit on Akagi. Are you saying you’re about Midway to your objective?

  2. davidc1 says

    Off topic again ,but do any of you Yanks know of the joys only a Scotch Egg can bring .One of the more repulsive tory ministers has said two of them .No find out for yourselves what the git was trying to pull through him .
    It’s to do with the lockdown ,or tiers or whatever bollox they have got in their tiny minds this week.

  3. robro says

    Re: “costly legal triumph” — Isn’t there a saying along the lines “In law suits, only the lawyers win.”

  4. captainjack says

    davidc1 @ #2:
    Yankees are from New England. I’m from Colorado, so not me. Unless you’re meaning Yanks as in Wankers, in which case it probably applies.

  5. ANB says

    I’ll be celebrating quietly myself against assholes like Carrier (and virtually of the R party and esp. the Trump “campaign” in this election that has already been decided.

    That was not proactively celebrating you, and your compatriots. I salute you all!!!

    BTW, I’ve donated more than once to your legal fund, including once when I was unemployed (as an educator) without assurance of another job. (I earn more than you at the moment–we’re about the same age–but my costs in CA are much higher, and I spent several years unemployed or underemployed). Just saying; I know what it’s like to be undervalued.

  6. chigau (違う) says

    So is sjwslayer real? or some weird sockpuppet of … someoneelse?
    Maybe PZ likes him …

  7. says

    I’d say sockpuppet of someone banned long ago. You don’t become like that starting over night.
    Also, Dude, get a hobby. This shit is unhealthy. You aren’t raising anyone’s hackles, you’re just mildly amusing.

  8. davidc1 says

    @7 Sorry ,i was going to write amuricans .I finally get the joke about the Midway picture ,that tithead is named carrier ,and the carrier is being destroyed .
    Talking of titheads ,who is this sjwslayer bloke ,and does he still think the donald won the election ,and how much money did he send the donald ?

  9. says

    Gods, cupcake you are pathetic. You know, I’m perfectly at ease with myself. Do you really think me or PZ or anybody here really cares that you don’t approve of us, our lives or looks?
    I know, you probably think that being called “ugly” should make a woman curl up and cry, but at best I’m mildly amused…

  10. davidc1 says

    @loon 18 To paraphrase an old cold war joke ,”trump might be a 100% certified barking mad batshit crazy wackaloon ,but he
    is our 100% certified barking mad batshit crazy wackaloon,” is that it?

  11. says

    This conversation is really, really sad. I have met twelve-year-olds who were capable of more mature behavior than the sjwslayer presents here. The farce is strong in this one.

  12. =8)-DX says

    Look at these valiant attempts at insults:
    “He probably has sex.. or wants to… with cool people!”
    “I have some serious hangups about small people and transgender people!”
    “People are bad because they don’t give me a boner, something I think a lot about!”
    “I don’t understand the words you use so I call you names instead.”
    Ooh, and one of the classics: “I’m imagining sex with your mother!”
    What next? What other “slayage” from the Id could they have in store? Only time will tell.

    Also the main event looks like fun PZ, except it will be 1:30 am here kinda bedtime. Oh well maybe next time.

  13. says


    Asserting information about people’s motivations, without evidence (aside from that demonstrating your tendency toward black-and-white thinking), isn’t all that impressive.

  14. specialffrog says

    @slayer: just to be clear, you are saying that you are in agreement with the people who think satanist pedophiles and the ghost of Hugo Chavez stole the election and also your side are the clear thinkers.

  15. says

    Equivocation of speculation about specific individuals versus groups of millions—you think I agree with that?

    Turns out you’re not great at analyzing specific individuals, either.

  16. specialffrog says

    @slayer: you said that half the country “also think the ‘woke’ are worse [than Trump] and even bigger loons, and they are right.” So yes, you are explicitly saying you think the people who believe QAnon are the ones thinking clearly.

  17. davidc1 says

    @24 No ,you are wrong ,i am one of the dumbest on here ,well i was until you showed up .
    Anyhow ,do you think the the snatch snatcher (trump ) will go gently come Jan 20th ,or will a posse of his proud boy redneck supporters buy all the big Mac’s in DC and barricade themselves in the WH ?

  18. Rob Grigjanis says

    sjwslayer @25:

    How come you haven’t blocked me yet

    It’s not up to me, but some things just aren’t worth the effort. Anyway, watching you repeatedly soil your diaper is mildly amusing as long as we can’t smell it.