1. emjayay says

    Nice church though. When walking around Manhattan if I pass by a church that looks open and I have a minute I always go inside and check it out. Even the local half round 1960’s modern Catholic one near me in Brooklyn I found open for a socially distanced service recently was worth a stop. Also, I got some free calendars with different olde tyme European religious art for each month.

    So, good for something!

  2. says

    The irony is that those of us in the reality based community are telling them to not gather in churches FOR THEIR SAFETY. It would be way easier to just shrug and say “Fine, go get yourselves killed”, but we legit don’t want these people on the other side of the aisle to die.

  3. chuckonpiggott says

    Agree with emjayjay. Whenever we’ve gone to Europe on vacay I always visit churches. As art objects they are amazing. Even the austere German Protestant ones.

  4. tbtabby says

    @Ray Ceeya

    The thing is, it’s not just that they catch it themselves, they then spread it to others who didn’t flaunt the restrictions. If they were only going to kill themselves with their stupidity, I’d happily leave them to their folly. But they’re dragging the rest of us down with them.

  5. John Morales says

    tbtabby, to be fair, an alternative is that they keep to themselves and shun contact with outsiders. But then, they’d be seen as cultish, no?

    There are cults that shun outsiders to prevent their adherents from being contaminated, but might there be cults that shun outsiders to prevent they from being contaminated by the cultists?

    Dunno, I’ve seen fictional accounts of such, but am not aware of any notable historical examples.

    (Obviously, this mob ain’t that, either)

  6. Ichthyic says

    ” But then, they’d be seen as cultish, no?”

    er… that horse left the gate a long time ago, John.