I’ve been dressing as Sexy Santa all week, and no one has noticed

I even take off the winter coat when I’m in the lab and put on a lab coat instead! Well, I also rarely see anyone, since most of my teaching is over zoom.

Everything makes Halloween suck this year.


  1. hemidactylus says

    So if I understand you correctly you are wearing sexy Santa shorts outside in the cold 30 degree weather? Mmm…ok.

  2. asclepias says

    Kind of like Wyoming costume ideas. When I was a kid, we designed costumes that could be worn over or under coats every year, then crossed our fingers that coats wouldn’t be necessary.

  3. JustaTech says

    A couple of years ago it was pretty cold on Halloween so we didn’t get a lot of kids. At one point two tween girls show up in cheerleader costumes, but with their winter coats overtop. My husband reluctantly handed each of them one piece of candy. I gave him a look and gave them more candy and they said thank you and headed off.
    “Why did you give them more candy? They weren’t wearing costumes!”
    “What? They were obviously dressed as cheerleaders. They had pom-poms!”
    “But they were wearing coats!”

    Which was when I realized that, because my husband grew up in SoCal, he’d never had to wear a coat (or carry an umbrella) when he went trick-or-treating.

    Me, I vividly remember the year I was dressed as a dragon (complete with tail) and it was pouring rain, so I had to carry my little pink umbrella. It added nothing to my look and my tail still got soaked so it ended up getting dragged in the mud and ruined.

    A few years ago I found a pattern for penguin costumes for the whole family that were to be made out of fleece. It seemed very warm, but then I realized it would be perfect for the Upper Midwest.

  4. mcfrank0 says

    It’s been cloudy, rainy, and in the forties and fifties for the last several days here in Austin and folks are acting like they need to use these costume ideas as well.

    Oh well, the sun just came out and the temp will reach sixty this afternoon and the mid seventies by Halloween, so the drama should be disappearing along with the clouds.

  5. hemidactylus says

    Supposed to drop down to 71 degrees here on Halloween. Monday will be a bone chilling 63. Yipes! Might have to break out the hoody for my morning walk.