Democrats need fire in their bellies now

There is a good collection of hard-hitting political videos at this independent site. They go for the gut, punching hard at how awful Trump’s policies are, and where his decisions are taking us.

Why aren’t the Democrats fighting as fiercely as the people they expect to vote for them? I just can’t picture Pelosi or Schumer campaigning for their party with this same anger; I can’t imagine Biden doing it either.


  1. nomaduk says

    Because the Democratic Party, represented by people like Pelosi and Schumer, don’t actually give a shit about the people who are forced to support it because they have no other viable party to support.

  2. says

    I’ve always assumed this is what the Democrats’ donors want. They pulled out all stops to get Biden in there instead of Sanders, for example.

    Compare the UK, where the well-funded right wing of Labour literally threw the 2017 election to keep Corbyn out.

  3. says

    Sadly too many democrats are just moderate republicans. Especially since the DNC avoids the left at all costs. It is why even though I voted blue all the way down (there is no other choice) I hope to see EVERY SINGLE ONE of the neoliberal corporate stains primaried.

  4. mnb0 says

    “Why aren’t the Democrats fighting as fiercely as the people they expect to vote for them?”
    Why do you keep on asking silly questions like this one? Because you want to keep on deluding yourself?
    With a few notable exceptions who only confirm the rule Democrats do not look after the interests of the people they expect for them. They only or mainly look after the interests of the 1% (OK, let me be charitable, 5%). And every pseudoliberal who maintains that “Donald the Clown is worse” is a sufficient reason supports this.

  5. Rob Grigjanis says

    mnb0 @8: If you really have nothing better to do than tell people over, and over, and over again how ridiculous it is to support Democrats, and you have no constructive options to offer, maybe you should find a hobby. The talents of you and the other self-styled Cassandras are obviously wasted here.

  6. PaulBC says

    mnb0@8 Look, you are the only person I have seen in at least 3 years suggesting that the worst thing about Trump is that he’s a buffoon. He is that of course, but he’s also a homicidal maniac (and beyond the level that all leftists will remind me you have to be to be a US president; yeah, we all know Obama had to give the go-ahead on drone assassinations). I would maintain that there is a salient distinction between a president who kills abroad and one who shows complete disregard for lives here (and again, for the leftists, disregard that goes well beyond letting local authorities kill with lead-contaminated water in Flint, Michigan).

    You are also about the only person on this blog who does not mention the fact that Trump is mainly a symptom of a much larger problem. Take the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett. The problem is not that Trump is a “clown.” The problem is that he is working to complete a plan started by the Federalist Society nearly 4 decades ago and now coming to fruition. Note: any Republican president would do it, at least with the encouragement of a majority leader like Mitch McConnell. Jeb Bush would have done it. John Kasich would have done it. Mitt Romney if he were completing the 2nd term of a 2012 presidency would have done it.

    We know this. It is not about “Donald the Clown.” You can keep saying it, but you are the one who looks ignorant.

    Beyond that, is Biden a lot better? The Democratic party is a mess, but they are not bent on active destruction. Again, I think there’s a significant distinction to be made and it has nothing to do with anyone being a clown.

    I like clowns for crying out loud. If Wavy Gravy was running for president (and had a chance of winning) he’d have my vote in a heartbeat.

  7. mcfrank0 says

    I have no problem with this. Biden is running as the anti-Trump and it’s perfectly fine for he and his team to be the voice of reason and let others be the snarling attack dogs. It’s worked for Republicans for years (I’m thinking specifically of “W” running as “the guy you wanna have a beer with” while rightwing pundits [and the media!] tore into Kery and Gore).

    What’s more important is what the Biden team does AFTER Election Day. A couple of news stories on potential “bipartisan” cabinet picks are alarming, but I was reminded by those that know better these are like the “for your consideration” ads put out by studios for the Academy Awards: self promotion.

    Let’s wait and see. And then, as I’ve been stating all day, the REAL work begins and we can sound the alarm to lobby, wheedle, and whinge until we see the results that are needed to save our country.

  8. unclefrogy says

    the complaints that come up about the democrats every time a thread talks about the election are either BS shit stirring by republicans or lackeys or shit stirring by radical leftists neither of which like democracy very much. they want “Th Party” or “The Great Leader” to govern .
    Of all the forms of government I am aware of democracy is the messiest, slowest and most complicating one. It also requires the most active involvement by the governed, the voting citizens. It is a lot of hard work all the f’n time and when the citizens are actively engaged in their government it is also the most just.
    I do not care much for the thinking nor the perceived attitudes of the constant nay sayers.

    uncle frogy

  9. numerobis says

    mcfrank0: Biden is a committed bipartisan. He’ll almost certainly name some GOP people to cabinet.

    The goal is to get the GOP out, restore democracy, and be in the streets calling for better. With Democrats at the helm there’s hope for better; with the GOP there’s no such hope.

  10. says

    @#13, numerobis:

    We had a Democrat as President for 8 years who put bipartisanship above fixing problems, starting in 2009, in case you forgot. He started off with a mandate to specifically end two wars and punish the financial industry. (>90% approval from voters across both parties for the latter.) He instead tried to get Republicans to engage with Democrats, did nothing on the things he was specifically elected to do, gave us a Republican healthcare plan instead of single-payer even though he immediately afterward admitted that only single-payer is long-term viable, and lost more of his electoral mandate with every passing election, and left us with Trump and a Republican majority in both houses of Congress.

    Bipartisanship == brainworms. If you mix a gallon of water and a gallon of sewage, you don’t get two gallons of potable liquid, you get two gallons of sewage. Compromising with the right only leads to right-wing policy; centrists like Biden are a disease, and all their supporters are delusional fools, you included.

    I can’t wait for 2024, when we’ll be told we have to support Biden (who will be a shambling corpse by that time but, like Hillary Clinton and RBG, there’s no way he’ll retire and get out of the way for the good of the country) in order to stop the Republicans from once again regaining power after the Democrats spend the next four years very definitely not fixing voter suppression, gerrymandering, disenfranchisement of prisoners (and their use as slave labor), the wealth gap, our bloated military, our bloated and unaccountable police forces, ICE, DHS, or climate change. It’s going to be such fun! You can give yourself a preemptive pat on the back for making sure it happens, because that’s what you’re doing now. And then when they lose and we get Neo-Trump — whoever it is — in office, we’ll be told it’s because we didn’t support the Democrats enough, even though the Democrats refuse to support the policies that a majority of Americans now support (like the Green New Deal and Medicare for All).

    The Democratic Party, like the Republican Party, is nothing but a cult at this point.

  11. InitHello says

    Well, Vicar, you convinced me. Since, according to you, anyone who votes for Biden is evil terrible scum who hates women and freedom and America and justice and truth and all that is good, I had no choice but to vote for Trump this time.

  12. Stuart Smith says

    Well, for establishment Democrats, being powerless allows them to spend their time on theater and criticism rather than having to actually do anything. If they had a majority, they would be evaluated on their own merits, but as long as they can cling to their own safe seats while remaining a minority, they can grandstand endlessly without ever having to do anything of substance. For an establishment Democrat, getting a majority is a disaster – their base will expect them to actually do things, rather than just virtue signal by performatively castigating the Republicans. But their class interests are all aligned with the Republicans, not with their base. It’s an unpleasant situation, but they can avoid it as long as they can avoid power by remaining largely ineffectual.

    The only thing that will ever make establishment Democrats actually work to support the interests of their base is having credible primary challenges from the left. Only if forced to choose between losing their own cushy positions and actually doing something useful will they choose to do the bare minimum possible to avoid being replaced. And even then, if they can change the rules to block those challengers or disadvantage them to the point that they can’t win, they will do that instead.

  13. naturalistguy says

    Look how well all that anger Trump dishes out is working for him. Sure, it appeals to the rabid base but it turns off suburban women overall. Biden’s brand is to be calm and steady as opposed to Trump’s impulsive and reckless behavior, and it would be counterproductive for Biden to indulge in that himself.