Her power rises at Halloween — help us control the beast

Halloween is only two weeks away. Aren’t you excited?

Oh boy. Trick or treating…oops, no, cancelled. Wild costume parties…scratch that. Dancing naked in the moonlight with your coven…have they been tested? Long walks in the cemetery after dark to watch the bats? OK, you can probably still do that. Otherwise, all the social events are a bad idea.

Another thing you can do, though, is join us in Halloween fundraiser. It’s mostly safe.

You’ll also save a lot of money that you would have otherwise spent on candy, costumes, witch’s salve, broomstick enchantments, etc., etc. You can donate it to us, instead! All the money will go directly to pay off our legal debts, but indirectly it’ll reduce our anxiety and free up our incomes a little bit so we can buy cat food to appease the evil demons that live in our homes with us.

She’s watching you, you know, and I’m the guardian who prevents her from being unleashed on your world.


  1. Artor says

    LOL! You can’t fool us, PZ. You’re a college professor. You’re going to eat that cat food yourself, aren’t you?

  2. Grace says


    Dancing naked in the moonlight with your coven…have they been tested?

    Solo practitioners for the win, yet again.


  3. torea says

    Have you tried slow-blinking at the demon?
    According to some recent research, it is supposed to help bond with these creatures.
    We’ve been doing it for the last two days at our own home-demon and we’re still alive so it works!

  4. jrkrideau says

    Err looking into a donation I get
    Your connection is not secure

    The website tried to negotiate an inadequate level of security.

    paypal.me uses security technology that is outdated and vulnerable to attack. An attacker could easily reveal information which you thought to be safe. The website administrator will need to fix the server first before you can visit the site.


  5. unclefrogy says

    I have an alley cat that is that beasts distant relative she thinks I will feed her and her wild progeny I better she is little under 5 lbs but she ate all the alien squirrels and is now doing the rats in when they are gone I will live in fear for she is fierce and very fast. and has no white except a few hairs here and there
    uncle frogy

  6. birgerjohansson says

    And when your cat meows in her sleep, does she, too, mutter “Zuul, motherfucker, Zuul”?