We’re doing a fundraiser at the end of this month!

You know I’ve got this Patreon that I’m using to slowly pay off our legal debt for the Richard Carrier debacle (we won, don’t forget!), but “slowly” is the main term there — it’s going to take about four years to pay it off, four years of abstemious living, and I’m here in the prime of my life when I ought to be wildly partying, dancing naked in the streets, living in a non-stop bacchanal! So we’re going to try to take some steps to accelerate that process.

So we’re putting on a carnival!

On the top left of every single page here you’ll find a big bold badge that says “Carnival of Curiosity”. Click on it and it takes you to our fundraising page that lists some events we have scheduled for 25-27 September — online panels on YouTube, game shows, blog posts, and a memorial to Ed Brayton — all coupled to requests for donations. Join in if you want! We’ve got other ideas in the wings that we might bring out, but this is our start. Check it out! Also look on the sidebar — various bloggers will be announcing their activities, setting up auctions, telling you about their own plans. Links will be added to the fundraising page to lead you to their work.

I’ll be posting notices here periodically. And it may never end: we plan to have similar fundraisers at the end of every month. We won’t stop until FtB is debt-free once again!

You can help with donations to several sites. Pick your favorite!