The bravest Republican in America

Look at her! So courageous!

This lady put a video on Tik-Tok in which she wears a Trump shirt, giggles about how the libs might kill her, and flounces away. Only problem: there was nobody else there, no threats, and there isn’t even a Walmart in Minneapolis. I guess the bravest Republican in America is just a lying twit who invents imaginary enemies.


  1. mathman85 says

    I really don’t understand the mindset of people who see fit to advertise their reactionary dipshittery to the world at large. Like, what purpose is served by being an asshole publicly—and deliberately—so as to offend the sensibilities of those with whom you disagree politically?

    Ah, well. I’ll have to get around to reading Amanda Marcotte’s Troll Nation soon. Hopefully, I’ll find some answers there.

  2. JoeBuddha says

    Especially when you’re left scratching your head over how this was supposed to “own” you…

  3. consciousness razor says

    Only problem: there was nobody else there, no threats, and there isn’t even a Walmart in Minneapolis.

    Google Maps shows a bunch of Walmarts in the metropolitan area, some just a few blocks from Minneapolis proper. So I don’t get why anybody should care that it wasn’t “downtown.”

  4. Akira MacKenzie says

    mathman85 @ 1

    I really don’t understand the mindset of people who see fit to advertise their reactionary dipshittery to the world at large.

    Having come from that side of the spectrum, I would say that it’s for the very same reason people on the left advertise their beliefs to the world at large: Defiance against a real or imagined oppressor. Make now mistake, despite the material wealth and political and cultural privileges these white, middle class, suburban clowns enjoy, they live in a state of paranoia. Most of their lives, the Right has told these people about the “Marxists,” “Anti-Christians,” “Anti-Americans” and hordes of ungrateful racial minorities who are scheming in the halls of government, the media, and academia to usurp the “proper” social order–the way things ought to be–and forcibly replace it with a society based on idea that are an anathema to America, Jesus, and Freedom. They believe that they are fighting against “evil” the same way we’d think if we were protesting a police shooting or a corporate polluter.

    I would also point out that while this woman’s stunt seems silly and petty, I’m certain much the same thoughts were going through the head of Kyle Rittenhouse as his parents were driving him to Kenosha. That’s what makes them so dangerous.

  5. mailliw says

    I would be more impressed by the bravery of someone who rode through rural Texas in a Volvo with a bumper sticker “I’m for Biden and I’ve come for your guns”.

  6. lumipuna says

    That flashing pose reminds me of some erotic stories I’ve read lately, the sort that involve a woman going shopping while wearing barely disguised fetish gear. Who knows – maybe it’s a public humiliation kink played relatively safe.

  7. PaulBC says

    Are Walmarts now liberal bastions? I avoid ours, though occasionally there are specific things I need and I pull out all stops on where I will go to get it. The Bay Area is pretty diverse, and Walmart shoppers are weighted towards lower incomes than, say, Costco shoppers and even Target shoppers. But they all look way too busy with their kids and with shopping to give a rat’s ass about anyone’s shirt.

    In fact, I would not know there was such a thing as “Duck Dynasty” if not for the merchandising at my local Walmart some years back. That’s offensive enough, and the store itself puts it on display.

    It really makes me wonder if this TikTok was developed in Russia, because it is so poorly coded. Most Americans “know” that Walmart represents “heartland” America and that liberals wouldn’t be caught dead there (which is incorrect, as I note above, but it is the popular view). Wouldn’t it make more sense to wear that shirt at a Starbucks? Whole Foods?

  8. PaulBC says

    And to be more succinct, except for the one Walmart I know and patronize very rarely, I would assume they are all jam-packed with knuckleheads in Trump gear and avoid entering to begin with. Especially in the midwest. If you want to “own” this “libtard” you need to be more selective in your venue.

  9. unclefrogy says

    I think it is about appearances mostly a kind of theater maybe. look like you are doing something and saying something being brave defying the “enemy” while actually doing very little. Like the leader you should look like a success and talk like a success all the while failing.
    like the window dressing of a middle east peace deal to cover up the real huge arms sales that otherwise might not get done.
    uncle frogy

  10. davidc1 says

    @10 Have you seen some of the photos of people who shop at walmart ?
    Off topic ,arguing with a wackaloon on faceache ,he says the proud boys ,people with swastika tats and swastika flags outside their front doors are not fascist .

  11. PaulBC says

    @12 No, but a quick Google image search on: photos of people shopping at walmart (without quotes) backs up my belief that it is not a really the best place to “own the libs” with your shocking support for Trump. I have entered my local Walmart from time to time, and I don’t see any scenes like this. As I said, it is filled with normal people, often with kids in tow, just shopping for stuff.

  12. KG says

    I don’t get why anybody should care that it wasn’t “downtown.” – consciousness razor@3

    Because she falsely claimed it was, perhaps?

  13. lumipuna says

    I suppose a generic Walmart being presented as a liberal hellhole would sound too implausible for even the most gullible conservatives, since many of them shop at Walmart. However, few of them ever shop at a downtown Walmart, especially if (as I assume) such thing doesn’t exist in most cities.

  14. lumipuna says

    PaulBC – Could be. I’m not an expert on these cultural matters, as I’m personally located much closer to Moscow than Minneapolis :)

  15. PaulBC says

    KG@14 Pining for the Before Times, are you? I have heard the elders speak of these “facts” but I am not sure what they are or if they ever really existed.

  16. lakitha tolbert says

    I can assure you that Walmart’s do exist in and near midwestern inner city! There’s two within a nice driving distance of my home. My mom and I used to frequent the one on our side of town before “the plague”. We haven’t been there in months, but the last time I was there, in February, I saw a pretty well rounded group of whites blacks, Latinx, orthodox Jewish people, and even some Amish or Mennonite (I can’t tell which), all of who, were too busy shopping to notice each other.

    She could try shopping at a downtown Walmart if she wants to, but I can assure her, and y’all, that nobody is gonna give a single flying shit that she’s wearing a trump shirt, at least not beyond a few eye rolls. Black people got far more pressing concerns than yet another dipshit Karen trying to draw attention to herself. (She wouldn’t be able to get into any of the stores without a mask, cuz stores actually enforce that rule in our neighborhood.)

  17. PaulBC says

    @20 My experience as well, though I generally avoid Walmart. Nobody is really there to check out other shoppers’ political messaging.

  18. MadHatter says

    On top of the fact that Walmart is an unlikely place to find liberals, this liberal also just mostly just rolls their eyes and avoids idiots like this. I only confront them if they’re being horrid in some way. I figure people like this just enjoy the theater of pretending they’re in some way oppressed and “standing up to X”. They like playing the brave victim, by not really doing anything brave.