#Dumbkirk was a glorious metaphor

It just gets better and better. All those supporters of 45 sailed out with flags and banners flying, and total chaos resulted.

The neat twist is that they did it to themselves — the problem was compounded by the request of the organizers.

Owners of boats of “all shapes and sizes” were encouraged to participate and to decorate them with “as many Trump flags as she can handle,” the event’s Facebook page said.

So the bigger boats of the richer Republicans charged out and put large wakes on top of already rough waters and swamped smaller boats. A perfect encapsulation of their policies.

Isn’t that nice of them to put on a demonstration of the class divisions they promote?

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  1. says

    I think that the obvious way to show that MAGA is real, would be to do it again under even worse conditions, to trigger the libs. It’s hurricane season! Time to show that real Trump fans aren’t afraid of a little wind and water. Go for it.

  2. PaulBC says

    @7 I feel so “owned” knowing that these decent salt of the earth Trump supporters have the free time, the boats, and the disposable income to buy all those flags, even if a few of them may have trouble operating their own vessels. They are real Americans and I am just an avocado-toast-eating elitist.

    I keep wondering if sail boats are welcome at these “Trumptillas” or if they do the nautical equivalent of rolling coal when they see you.

  3. davidc1 says

    Here ,who said you could make a reference to Dunkirk ,one of the United Kingdom’s bestest defeats .
    And i thought Dumbkirk was that bloke who was besties with ray -have a banana -comfort ?

  4. davidc1 says

    @2 Someone left the following comment.

    “1st. mate: Captain we’re sinking
    Captain: How do you know?
    1st.Mate: We see the water coming In and it’s getting higher.
    Captain: Then stop measuring it..
    And take off that life vest it’s making me look bad”

  5. chris says

    Then there were those who watched and cheered from shore at the 2 minute mark of this newscast: https://www.kvue.com/article/news/politics/lake-travis-trump-boat-parade/269-ffc4056e-59d1-4ac6-8f98-285a82b4e62f

    I would really love to ask the woman who claimed Trump was working hard for their freedoms/whatever why Texas has the highest maternal mortality rate among all the states? And how does restricting healthcare promote freedom? What kind of freedom comes from closing down polling places in rural areas?

    Or is freedom just reserved for wealthy white folk, especially men? I just listened to the six part podcast based on this book The Lie That Binds by Ilyse Hogue and Ellie Langford. It is about the attack the conservative bunch have done against abortion rights, women’s rights and minority rights. The reason the words of the Trump supporters make me angry.

  6. says

    Just thought of this. Back when I was a kid my dad loved to participate in parades. He had a collection of vintage tractors and it’s a very country thing to do. Detail and dress up the tractors and cruise up the street very slowly in a long line. The people who organized those county fair parades kept everything neat and orderly to a tee.

    These dingleberries couldn’t even get that right. All they had to do is move from point A to point B very slowly. That’s how parades work. You move very slowly from one place to another place. If this parade was moving at parade speed, roughly the pace of a leisurely stroll by an 80 year old man in a Shriner’s hat, then there would be a few more boats still floating.

    If they can fuck something this simple up how do they think they deserve to dictate who and how the country is run?

  7. Akira MacKenzie says

    chris @ 11

    I would really love to ask the woman who claimed Trump was working hard for their freedoms/whatever why Texas has the highest maternal mortality rate among all the states?

    Her most likely answer would either be “LIBERAL MEDIA!!! FAKE NEWS!!!” or “As long as it’s not my kid, who cares!”

  8. blf says

    @13, Does that mean we should give these dingleberries some credit for using boats rather than tractors for their covid-19 floundering?

  9. chris says

    Well, tractors don’t quite work well on water. Though I doubt those dingleberries could drive a tractor larger than riding lawn mower.

  10. Rob Grigjanis says

    chris @17: Pennywise Donald the Dancing Clown: They ALL float down here. When you’re down here with us, you’ll float too!

  11. chris says

    Well, Ray Ceeya, those witches were on the Willamette River in Portland. That is were the sinking boat at the end of the clown’s video was (that sinking during a Trump parade was three weeks ago, and the boat that sank was not part of the parade).

    Rob Grigjanis @18, as an Army brat I spent much too much time in central Texas, I was glad the last time we left before a year!

  12. says

    So a hurricane hits in the middle of Trump’s RNC and then a week later a bunch of boats flying Trump flags sink, but God hates the Democrats? Maybe He just has really bad aim.

  13. says

    @8 – “I keep wondering if sail boats are welcome at these “Trumptillas” or if they do the nautical equivalent of rolling coal when they see you.”

    I think you answered your own question.

  14. donn says

    The White House delivered a press release indicating that “President Trump thanks all the glorious boaters who support him. He also wants those whose boats sank to know that they are suckers and losers. I like boats that don’t sink.”
    Don N.

  15. says

    And I just watched the Puddles Pity Party video mixing Gilligan’s Island and Stairway to Heaven last night. That being said, just showing the magaficent fleet by itself with the original Gilligan’s Island them would probably work better.

  16. Pierce R. Butler says

    Trump flotilla leader to be charged with felony

    Carlos Gavidia, who earned national attention for his “Trumptilla” boat parades, is expected to be charged with sending a threatening text, a felony, to a resident of his former Jupiter country club community after they clashed over politics, his attorney told The Palm Beach Post on Monday.

    Gavidia will surrender at the Palm Beach County Jail on Tuesday morning, said attorney Stuart Kaplan.

    UPDATE: Trump boat parade organizer used anti-Semitic slur, sent a threatening text, report states …

  17. robro says

    An update posted on FaceBook…friend of a friend.


    Since I live on Lake Travis where the recent Texas boat parade fiasco happened, several people have asked for my take on the situation, so here you go:

    Most importantly, there were no deaths. At least one person is still in the ICU with a broken back.

    I heard 13 vessels were swamped or sank. Law enforcement has not yet released an official number.

    Before the parade started, Lake Travis was CALM with no waves larger than ½-foot. Maximum wind gusts were less than 10 knots.

    When the parade started, multiple boats cranked up their motors to show off and began creating excessive wakes. Vessels were driven at unsafe speeds in close proximity. This is what created the dangerous conditions that swamped and sank vessels.

    Even after vessels started sinking, there was no cooperation with law enforcement or emergency personnel to slow down and/or reduce the wakes.

    First responders had to rescue people from sinking boats WHILE OTHER BOATS passed at close distances at speeds that created more wakes and even more dangerous conditions.

    The majority of skippers involved showed ZERO CONCERN for the wellbeing of others, or for the damage they were causing with their wakes. All of this could have been averted had they driven their vessels at slower speeds and at safer distances.

    So far, I understand all damaged vessels were part of the parade.

    We are still awaiting an official report from the Travis County Sheriff’s office that has jurisdiction over Lake Travis.

    PS: I was AT THE DOCK during all of this, I generally do not leave the dock on holiday weekends — too many amateurs and drunks on the water each Labor Day, 4th of July, and Memorial Day weekends.