If you don’t like being compared to the KKK, don’t act like the KKK

The Fraternal Order of the Police is very unhappy about this cartoon by David Wayne Fitzsimmons being used in an eighth grade school lesson.

That is an EXCELLENT cartoon. Gold star to the artist and to the teachers! Make sure it goes national!

Oh man but the cops are pissed off. They demanded that the school retract the cartoon and make an apology, which, of course, the craven administrators promptly did.

A police representative accepts their apology, but says, the damage is done.

“It’s completely abhorrent. It’s disturbing and it never should have been included in any kind of assignment,” FOP National Vice President Joe Gamaldi said.

The truth hurts, and it hurts bad. Fuck the cops, make them see the injustice until they cry.


  1. bcwebb says

    A New York police union endorses Trump. –
    http://www.nytimes.com › U.S. › Elections
    5 days ago –
    “A union representing tens of thousands of New York City police officers endorsed President Trump for re-election on Friday, citing what leaders said was Mr. Trump’s defense of the authorities and concern for public safety at a time they said their members have been “under attack.”

    At a rally held at Mr. Trump’s golf club in Bedminster, N.J., and attended by roughly 100 people, the head of the Police Benevolent Association, which represents about 24,000 rank-and-file officers, said he could not remember another time the union had endorsed a candidate for president.”

  2. bowd-boring old white dood says

    This was here in Plano. I was saddened that the local police were so thin skinned, anyone who knows a bit of history should be able to appreciate this comic and what it is trying to convey.

  3. wzrd1 says

    Trump is going to make it up for them. Now, he’s talking about armed sheriffs at the polls, along with police and armed agents.
    Let not one vote go unintimidated.

  4. says

    So, uh, all you Biden supporters: explain to me how you can possibly agree with this cartoon, and then vote for someone who says the police should be able to shoot people as long as they aim for limbs, and that we should give police even more funding than they already have, and who wants mass arrests of anarchists (who have been organizing and supporting protests) but says nothing about Nazis or white supremacists? You people ought to shut the hell up about cartoons like this — you have lost the right to say anything on this or any other issue by supporting a scumbag.

  5. Grace says

    The Vicar:

    So, uh, all you Biden supporters: explain to me…

    Because our voting system is first-past-the-post, and the overriding concern is that Trump be removed from office. Give me Ranked-choice voting, and my thinking on the best way to vote would be different.

    Also, even if Biden is awful on all of the points you raise, Trump is awfuller. Biden may advocate aiming for the limbs, but Trump will be quite content if you aim for the vitals.

    It’s as though we all agree that there is a fire in front of us, which is spreading, and you’re arguing that instead of using the water which is at hand, we should walk a few hours to use a lesser quantity of water far away. Conceding that you’re perfectly correct that it’s better water, it’s still not the water we have here at the fire.

    Help us put the fire out and we’ll be a lot more likely to listen to the merits of building a pipeline to the better water, to have it available for next time.


  6. kome says

    Is there a version of the original wonderful cartoon available? I’d like to spread it around as much as I can.

  7. Akira MacKenzie says

    You’re wasting your keystrokes, Grace. Time and time again, The Vicar has made it clear that’s he’s a petulant child who refuses to eat Chicken because he wants Unicorn for dinner.

  8. blf says

    Not sure why I capitalized “Chicken” and “Unicorn”

    Because both are far more honest and intelligent than the Putin-paid hair furor troll.

  9. Artor says

    So Vicar, who do YOU plan on voting for, and what do you expect that to accomplish? Were you around when everyone was bemoaning the fact that it looked like Biden was going to get the nomination, over several better qualified and more Progressive candidates? Why didn’t YOU make sure we had a better name on the ticket? Why do you think any of us had any more say in which option was presented to us?

  10. velociraptor says

    Vicar and people who think like he (?) does are willingly trying to cede the country to the Fascists because they didn’t get their special most awesome candidate. Seriously, these asshats’ house is burning down and they are arguing over whether to use a fire extinguisher or call the fire department.

    More generally, these fucking people have generally not been materially effected by Trump at all. This reeks of the worst sort of privilege and snowflakery. I posted this a while back, and it bears repeating:

    Let me clue some of you in on why the Fascists win – for the last few decades, while you pouted, they VOTED. And they voted because they understood that getting part of what they wanted was better than getting NONE of it.

    They organized and took over the GOP at the grass-roots level, and now we are seeing the results. They gained control, purged the moderates, and now the lunatics are running the asylum. So guess what, you need to do the same damn thing. And if you can’t sell your ideas, you might have to face another thing more unpalatable – maybe your ideas aren’t that good to begin with – or perhaps you just suck at selling them. I don’t agree that the Left has bad ideas, but I am a pragmatic adult, and it is obvious many of you are not.

    That street preacher you laughed at? He’s now in Congress.

  11. kome says

    Lot of vitriol being directed at someone for not falling in line and conforming. Do any of you think that the things you’re saying – online of all places – will affect anyone else in the way that you want? Or are those types of comments just fueled by some sense of indignation that you can’t keep to yourself? I guess I’ve just been listening to a lot of Ben Dixon lately, but I’ve become pretty convinced that these types of exchanges serve no useful purpose.

  12. KG says

    Lot of vitriol being directed at someone for not falling in line and conforming. – kome@20

    Yes, The Vicar does direct a lot of vitriol at anyone who doesn’t fall into line and conform with his preference for Trump to win.

  13. nomdeplume says

    The cartoon, and the response, reminds me of the old saying “if the cap fits, wear it”.

  14. Azkyroth, B*Cos[F(u)]==Y says

    I guess I’ve just been listening to a lot of Ben Dixon lately, but I’ve become pretty convinced that these types of exchanges serve no useful purpose.

    And yet, here you are.

  15. Kagehi says

    Actually Grace, its worse than that, in some respects. Vicar would have millions of people who could pee on the fire, with some vague hope of putting it out, instead, “Wait of the check to clear.”, so that a pay-as-you-go fire department will do their job, and/or Superman shows up to save us.

    Now, me.. I will go with the public indecency charge that “both” of these idiots are likely to insist on and piss on it, along with everyone else. We can elect Aqua-man next time, when maybe we actually have the f-ing luxury to do so.

  16. microraptor says

    As usual, I see that Vicar has again successfully shifted the conversation over to his personal windmill.

  17. says

    Oh, goodie, another discussion derailed by the Vicar.

    And, on topic, FUCK THE POLICE.

    Any given situation where you call them for “help”, they will make it worse. If you’re the victim, they will treat you like a criminal. Go ahead and ask me how I know…

  18. Frederic Bourgault-Christie says

    But freeze peach! We should be exposed to views even if we oppose them, snowflakes!

    Just once I’d like their torrent of hypocrisy to stop.

  19. lochaber says

    see – there’s a difference…
    cops don’t use their left hand…

    as to what WMDkitty — Survivor @26 said, I’ve heard similar under:
    “If you have a problem, and you call the cops, now you have two problems.”

    Also, if the cops don’t want to be treated like thugs, have they considered maybe not acting like thugs? I feel like I’ve heard this argument, or really similar, coming from cops… maybe in regards to racial profiling?

  20. wzrd1 says

    If we had a national police chief, I’d want our local police chief in that position.
    He embraced community based policing and trust me, I’ve had a few brushes with our local PD. All, quite professional and non-judgemental, even assisting, given I was up shit’s creek without a boat, let alone a paddle.
    First encounter, a convenience store/gas station employee lied as to how long we parked in their truck parking area, officer suggested locations to move to, as we moved halfway across the country during a major fuel price spike, which depleted our savings.
    Picking the entirely wrong parking lot, a supervisor came along and guided us to the airport parking lot and mentioned someone else living there.
    Finally started work, got an advance to cover lodging, mischief managed. Then, I was pulled over because my plates from another state were about to expire and my inspection sticker gave up any attempt to adhere to the windshield. Turned out that my license was suspended for nonpayment of a fine, still got to drive my vehicle with our meager possessions home. For a law enforcement officer, that’s actually a serious risk, as were I to become involved in a major accident, he allowed me to operate the vehicle.

    Law enforcement are products of their training and leadership. Having been in a community college for some IT related classes, which was colocated with a county police academy, I’ve heard firsthand about “The War” on crime, it’s a battle zone, go full on paranoid, that was what was being drummed into the cadets.
    Fast forward to community based policing being introduced, it’s taking a sledgehammer to a finely honed razor, much to the benefit of the entirety of the community.
    The supervisor I mentioned brought someone that I strongly suspect was from his church group, but refrained from religious bullshit, favoring instead delivering food, sundry items and blankets to us, the officer already covering some additional food and water, which we were in need of.

    So, police can be useful in the extreme, once the notion of being at war with the populace itself is removed and community based interventions is embraced.
    Even more rare in the US, I’ve heard similar stories from black families, so it isn’t white privilege that saved our bacon, but simply community based policing.
    Were I in SW Philly and law enforcement was in trouble, I’d assess the risk from both sides and even money, given we lived in the 12th district, which is the disciplinary district for foul-ups, I’d consider at length.
    Here, the afflicted officer would have me reinforcing him or her, my primary fighting method being throwing grown adults some distance – into very solid objects. Secondary method involves my cane as a staff weapon. Final method involves edged weapons of surprisingly short length. Rambo blades aren’t for me, too awkward.
    Honestly, I far prefer peace and quiet.
    But, if any is interested, I’ll happily write up a paper discussing various non-firearm means of defense and offense.
    Ian Banks named one exemplar well, Lapsed Pacifist.

    So, I’ll not toss the baby with the bathwater.