1. gijoel says

    There’s nothing here about binge watching Netflix to avoid writing your ethics proposal.

  2. John Morales says

    I’m no scientist, but I don’t get why “hypothesis unsupported” should not link to “publish results”.

  3. blf says

    That “Publish Results” could be turned into a whole ‘nother diagram about trying to write up the results, trying to get it published, trying to work out what the peer reviews took before reviewing the paper, all the while trying to both keep the lab going and fend off teh evil cat.

  4. komarov says

    Re: John Morales (#3):

    “I don’t get why “hypothesis unsupported” should not link to “publish results”.”

    Because then, generally, P(Nobel prize) → 0
    Okay, strictly speaking that’s a reason why it doesn’t link there, not why it shouldn’t.

    Re: blf (#7):

    No need, there’s just a single link missing: Publish results > get rejected > tantrum > sulk > question life choices.

  5. says

    Once again the gist of science is left out: after an observation, the observation must be categorized with other observations; then a taxonomy needs to be created from which the hypothesis is derived. Real science always begins with observations that leads to a taxonomy. Linnaeus anyone?

  6. dangerousbeans says

    How is Tea Break not linked to every step? Where are their priorities?
    Anyway, time for tea