You know what that means — I’m free to tidy up the house, pack the car, and tomorrow, drive away to see my wife and daughter and son-in-law and granddaughter! And get away from the cat for a few days.


  1. davidc1 says

    Are you not taking her with you? Hope someone is going to pop in and feed and water her ,and remove the mountains of vomit
    she is liable to leave for you .
    Anyway have a safe journey pampa .

  2. sherylyoung says

    lf the poor kitty dies while you are gone, please don’t throw her body in the garbage. Even her little kitty life matters to herself.

  3. says

    The cat will be fine. She’s very independent, I leave a couple of bowls of food and water out, and she has no trouble surviving. She basically takes ownership of the whole house.

    This is far more humane than taking her to be boarded — she would freak out and suffer horribly.

  4. kestrel says

    Hooray! That is excellent news.

    And yes, the cat will be fine. This is one of the most independent of animals. She might even stop vomiting if no humana are present. I had read about Pandora Syndrome ( and it turns out cats need space… I doubt this is the same thing but still, the cat might find it a comfort to be alone.

    In the meantime hooray for the family being reunited! That is excellent news, well done with all your hard work!

  5. numerobis says

    Safe travels.

    My cats are fine with 4-5 days of food, and the toilet bowl open plus lots of water bowls. I do have to give them a lot more food than they’d normally eat in that time; then I clean up puke for a while when I get back (they will binge-and-purge when given excess food).

  6. blf says

    I’d course advise taking the TGV, except for three problems: First, there is a 100km travel restriction (and I’m unsure if collecting a Trophy (Wife) counts as an allowed exception); second, there is no TGV in that backwards land; and third, the evil cat could sneak aboard.

  7. birgerjohansson says

    Good luck! -BTW after a long period of stress, you are likely to nee a likewise long period of relaxation, otherwise you are in danger of burning out.

  8. davidc1 says

    @10 Be quiet ,or you be travelling in the boot .(Trunk ) for you Americans .