1. maireaine46 says

    See, your readers do care about you! My son sent my husband a pair of these, and they worked great on ice and snow last winter. This year we had no winter in NJ thanks to climate change. Not looking forward to a blistering storm-filled summer. We are friends of spiders, do not kill them. Being a grandma, I especially enjoy pictures of your beautiful grandchildren. Take care and be well.

  2. jojodancingbear says

    THose thing are the bomb…you can walk up a hill of ice in them. I keep a pair on a set of waterproof duck boots and when the time comes just slide in and keep on yaking….;)

  3. komarov says

    That is a nice gesture indeed. In future, I’d like to cite this as evidence that blogging is more effective than prayer.

  4. Ray, rude-ass yankee - One inseparable gemisch says

    Those look cool & useful, but we’ve hardly had any winter here in south-western Virginia this year.

    On the plus side, when all the polar & glacial ice melts we’ll be closer to the beach /s