Mayflies on Patreon

This feels mildly peculiar, to put posts up behind a paywall, but that’s what I’ve done because I’m anxious to build up a revenue stream to cover certain ugly circumstances. There is now a 1500-word post on the science of mayfly population declines available for my patrons, at any level, to read.

I’m in the business of science communication, so it’s an awkward compromise on just flinging tasty science freely about, but if you can’t afford it, that’s fine — I’ll be posting an openly accessible copy of the article right here in about a week. Check back in!

Also, there’s more coming — I’ve also got a cool article on mayflies as experimental organisms, in addition to being significant as populations ecologically. That’ll appear there later this week.


  1. efogoto says

    I am one reader who isn’t putting up funds on Patreon. That you make materials available only to patrons either for a short while or even forever is just fine. There’s nothing snaky about it.

  2. DexX says

    Could you please be an absolute darling and add a $1 “I don’t need any early access or special bonuses, I just want to chuck you a bit of money because I appreciate your work” tier? I back a lot of creators at $1 per month/creation, and I like to keep it that low so I can spread the love around. Work is unreliable right now (hooray for the LGBTIQA+ non-profit community sector!) so I can’t spare much, but I like to show my appreciation for people who make stuff that enriches my life, and you definitely fall into that category. I don’t need to get anything extra to make it worthwhile. :)

  3. harryblack says

    +1 for this.
    PZ- Do what you have to do to keep moving and keep speaking out in the current broken world we inhabit.