I ♥ my hot glue gun & Dremel

It’s a busy day with all these job interview related things, but over my lunch hour I banged out 8 more spider cages, even with my gimpy left arm. I used a saw attachment on my Dremel (sorry, neighbors, if there was a lot of high-pitched screaming noises from my lab) to quickly hack up some bamboo strips and quarter-inch dowels, and then slapped them all together with hot glue. So easy.

I’m letting them cool now, and then I have to go through and clear out the threads of hardened glue scattered around — although the spiders probably won’t mind the strings — and let any fumes air out for a day, and then fill them up with more spiders.

And clean up. My lab is full of sawdust and little scraps of wood right now.


  1. Rich Woods says

    sorry, neighbors, if there was a lot of high-pitched screaming noises from my lab

    I expect they’ve got used to it over the last thirty years or so. Cthulhu ftaghn!

  2. DanDare says

    It was quiet. Too quiet. Except for the high pitched but muffled screams from the dark lab. Construction was done but nobody dared get close enough to see what was going on. The trees near by., their thick roots fed by something unwholesome, groaned with their secret burden.

  3. says

    Are those sealed containers? What happens to the free oxygen level when the meal worms are metabolized? Could the deteriorating conditions you sometimes observe result from this low oxygen situation?

  4. jack16 says

    PZ; For using hot melt glue, are you aware that a better bond results if the wood is heated first? Not important for your bamboo strips, of course, if the wood is hot the glue flows better.


  5. says

    I bought a Dremel for my resin art. And small home repairs. My dad denigrated it as a “toy”. Two weeks later he borrowed it because he needed to to some repairs with very limited space and none of the big boy power tools would fit (he could have borrowed those as well).