Pitter patter — the beginning of the end

I have a mob of slavering students with pitchforks and torches demanding that I finish grading their lab final so that they can see what their ultimate grade in cell biology will be. I have a pile of papers to get through today. They are bracketed by a dentist’s appointment this morning, and a poetry reading by Chrissy Kolaya. My fate is predetermined on this day: sharp pointy things tearing at my teeth, followed by a long day of coffee and red ink, and ending on soothing poetry. I hope my students don’t track me down to the coffee shop where I’ll be wielding my cruel pen.

None of them ever read this stupid blog, I’m sure. I should be safe. I will get it all done.

And then…freedom! The light! Until late January.


  1. mountainbob says

    Ha! The processing of finals is the punishment for the joys of the semester. I remember asking one TA why I’d gotten an “A” and was told they graded papers in a group around a big round table at the “Big 10” (bar in 7-corners, Mpls, long gone). He said much beer flowed, and papers toward the bottom of the pile started looking quite pithy… hence my “A”. I still think it was at least partly due to the many hours and evenings spent in its creation.