Who the heck is Josh Dietz?

Dietz is one of those well-groomed young white men with a brain full of slithery slimy worms. He’s a white nationalist with a podcast and a YouTube channel who’s been palsy-walsy with some of the nastiest Nazis in town.

…Dietz hosts the McSpencer Group alongside Spencer, perhaps the best known American neo-Nazi and a founding member of the so-called alt-right. For hours at a time, Dietz and a rotating selection of guests help plot the future of the white identity movement, touching on subjects from eugenics to Kurt Cobain (“a symbol of white displacement”) to the “negrofication” of American culture.

[Following publication of this article, videos posted to Spencer’s YouTube account featuring Dietz were pulled down. Several of Dietz’s podcast episodes can still be found on the streaming site BitChute.]

“They can’t speak eloquently. They can’t dress a particular way. They can’t show enthusiasm for education or career advancement or, I don’t know, monogamous healthy relationships without out of wedlock children,” said Dietz, during an episode with the author Colin Flaherty recorded earlier this year. (Flaherty, incidentally, was the voice behind the explicitly racist video that NYPD union boss Ed Mullins apologized for sharing this past summer).

Dietz frequently appears on other similar podcasts, and his own show, No Apologies, has featured guests such as Patrick Little, who believes Jews should be raised as livestock, and notorious neo-Nazi David Duke. In a conversation with Duke earlier this year, Dietz asks about the “issue” of right-wing figures maintaining relationships with Jewish people, and whether it “makes them emotionally blind to criticism.”

“You really can’t trust them,” says Duke. “The only Jews that I really have any respect for are those Jews that expose Jewish power and expose Jewish racism and expose Jewish efforts to destroy us.”

Following the lengthy monologue, Dietz replies: “That’s so well said.”

In addition, though, he has a Masters degree in clinical psychology and has been teaching at various small colleges in the New York area.

According to a since-deleted LinkedIn page, Dietz has also lectured at Brooklyn College, York College, Queensborough Community College, Medgar Evers College and New York City College of Technology. Inquires to those schools were not immediately returned.

A spokesperson for St. Francis College—where Dietz was listed in an employee directory until Friday morning—said that he last taught there in Fall 2018, and “will not return as an instructor in the future.” Further questions about Dietz’s time at St. Francis were not answered.

Wow. An openly racist man was teaching at Medgar Evers College…how did the poor fellow cope? Every day he walked through those doors he was rebuked by the name of a black civil rights activist, and in all of his classes he had to teach young black students. It must have been so hard for him. At least he could go home at night and vent his feelings on the internet, vomiting up all his hate and inadequacy for an adoring audience of fascists.

He’s losing that now. His allies are tearing down his videos, his website, TheDietzMethod, where he promoted his hypnosis and life-coaching business, is gone, and you can bet that no university is going to hire him, even for those awful little adjuncting positions, ever again. It turns out you can’t be trusted to teach if you think a lot of your students are inferior subhumans because of the color of their skin. Before you start bewailing the loss of free speech at modern universities, keep in mind that my dream of being a professor at Liberty University has also been crushed. Oh, woe.

One might wonder how he came to be this way, and sadly, he followed a common and predictable trajectory.

In conversations on his shows, Dietz occasionally refers to his own path toward white nationalism. He started as a traditional conservative, then became involved in Men’s Rights circles, writing for Return of the Kings, a pick-up artist website, and self-publishing a book billed as the “politically incorrect guide to dating.” He was once a fan of Gavin McInnes, the Proud Boys founder, but over time has come to regard that strand of the “alt-lite” as too moderate.

Once again, men’s rights misogyny was the gateway to a rat’s nest of toxic ideas.

Also, I’m curious: they mention that Dietz’s videos are being taken down (by who, it doesn’t say), yet I discover that Richard Spencer, the McSpencer Group, and the National Policy Institute still have active YouTube channels. Were the Nazis just overlooked?


  1. Mobius says

    They can’t speak eloquently. They can’t dress a particular way. They can’t show enthusiasm for education or career advancement or, I don’t know, monogamous healthy relationships without out of wedlock children

    Sounds like a lot of white people I know.

  2. starskeptic says

    Spencer takes down videos on his channel with this guy in them?
    That is a whole different kind of special….

  3. Kagehi says

    Don’t remember at the moment who did the video, but there is one that describes “red pilling” as an onion. Where the pill in the movie would “wake you up to reality”, the one being giving out by these people just leads you to a deeper and deeper level of their mini-matrix, in which you never find solutions to your apparent problem, since none of the crap they peddle solves anything for anyone, its all about blaming everyone else for the problems, so.. the deeper you get, the more problems you end up thinking you have, and their is a new group of people who are “the real problem” to blame for why things keep getting no better, or possibly worse, for you, each layer you peel back. The center of this mass of insanity isn’t even necessarily full blown white nationalism, it has many centers, and often they don’t even like, or trust, each other, but eventually the person, never the less, takes pill, after pill, after pill, and is drawn deeper into a world in which the only things that exist are all the “like minded” sources, some of whom are offering the next pill (which will, obviously, solve everything), and layers of isolation for anyone or anything that might challenge the nonsense they are constantly feeding off of.

    The whole point of the mess is to never provide a solution, just scapegoats, and increasingly isolate people from outside ideas (which are super dangerous, obviously!), so that new people are drawn into the fold. The fact that the center of this mess is less than a half dozen hyper radical lunacies, who would, without all the outside “threats” to worry about, would eat each other alive, seems to be a feature, rather than a bug.

    No idea how much of this is intentional, and how much of it is just the consequence of having an endless stream of self isolating nutjobs forming “movements” which all share the same paranoid character, and similar (or even the same) scapegoats. But, give that certain movements actively use isolation of ideas, and radicalization via that, as key features, at least “some” of it is planned.

  4. brucegee1962 says

    @5 Well put, Kagehi. Perhaps someday they will be able to locate a Black Jewish woman who has converted to Islam, and pin all the world’s problems on her. Ilhan Omar is so close…