Oh no! I have roused a Lesser Swarm of Pewdiepie Fanlings!

What should greet my eyes upon looking into the abyss of Twitter this morning but a chittering mob of angry defenders of Pewdiepie, the no-talent vacuous King of YouTube. I’d made some dismissive comment about him, and now the people who love him are all making dismissive comments back. I guess when your hero is a whiny Nazi-friendly twit who does nothing but play video games, you are especially sensitive to criticisms — after all, that calls into question all of your life choices.

But the reality is that he is alt-right. He’s Nazi-adjacent. He panders to whoever will give him on eyeballs on YouTube, which means he whips back and forth in his political stance, because he ultimately lacks one.

In 2017, Disney cut ties with PewDiePie after he posted several videos featuring anti-Semitic images.

These include swastikas drawn by a fan and footage of two Indians he paid to hold up a sign which read “death to all Jews.”

In the wake of the controversy, he said he was simply trying to “show how crazy the modern world is” and that people “would say anything for five dollars” but added that he understood that “these jokes were ultimately offensive”.

He has since distanced himself from the far-right.

He said he was prompted to make a donation after his name was linked to this year’s mass-shooting that took place in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The funny thing is that his fans are not very bright and kind of derivative. Right now I’ve got a mob sending me messages where the most insulting thing they can imagine to call me is “boomer”. It’s about as effective as calling me a Pisces or an INTP or any other meaningless categorization — that they think it’s clever is making me laugh and laugh.


  1. zenlike says

    A Twitter(er?) I sort of follow sent a tweet just a couple of days ago, calling out the anti-Semitism prevalent in PewDiePie-standom (1), and about half the fanboys showing up angrily denied this was the case. The other half made anti-Semitic comments. So, yeah.

    (1) Funnily enough, it was about the donation mentioned in this post: PewDiePie pledged to donate to the ADL, but after viscous backlash from his own anti-Semitic fanbase, he withdrew it (although he did donate to another org I believe).