I am not used to this. I’m cleaning up the garage today, and it is a cluttered mess. My wife pointed out to me that there might be spiders in the debris, so of course I’m out there poking about and moving heavy objects and looking under old boards. I’ll probably be all worn out and sore tomorrow.

Tomorrow, by the way, is the UMM Commencement ceremony. I’ve got my strange medieval robes and funny hat all ready to go, and it’s going to be streamed live, so if you’re incredibly bored, you can watch me sweltering in the faculty stands somewhere in there.

Ugh. I just finished the major cleanup. I swept everything, turned over every box and mystery pile, went through it all with my acutely tuned eye for spiders…NOTHING. Not a one. I know they’re hiding somewhere in there, they’re just avoiding me.


  1. says

    Aw. And there I was,thinking you were boosting our left-leaning (read Socialist!) main stream party (LABOR) in today’s Australian federal elections)! Hopefully we will be kicking our ruling conservative twats to the curb, but like everywhere else in the world, the right have a tenacious hold. It is Saturday, it is sunny, voting is compulsory, and Labor’s most loved leader in recent decades, Bob Hawke died 2 days ago at 89. Here’s for a big nostalgic sympathy vote. Now to walk to the polling booth, vote the bastards out, and finish with a ‘Democracy Sausage’ with sauce on a slice of bread, outside the booth, as is our civilised Aussie custom… AND, good like for your spider hunt PZ! :-)

  2. Mobius says

    Phase spiders. They are all phase spiders and they are using their special ability so you won’t see them.

  3. John Morales says

    Tomorrow, by the way, is the UMM Commencement ceremony.

    Huh. Took a look, attendance seems entirely optional (voluntary, non-compulsory) on the surface.
    I certainly wouldn’t bother, celebrating either my own or others’ status is not my thing.

    But I imagine it may not be so optional for PZ, being staff.

    (Thus, labor!)

  4. nomdeplume says

    Um, PZ, you don’t think – not sure how to put this – that Mary, er, was tricking you?

  5. llyris says

    Fuckity fuckity fuck. Looks like not enough people took the advice to vote Labor.
    We’re fucked.

  6. nomdeplume says

    Well, no longer can Australia look in amazement at America for electing Trump and his gang of fools and crooks.

  7. Isaac LeGuin says

    Poor you! Meanwhile, I lay in bed all morning and around noon, my mom brought me two spiders in jars. The early bird loses the worm! And by worm, I mean spider.

  8. blf says

    The spiderbeasties heard poopyhead was coming — and possibly also heard poopyhead approaching, medieval tinfoil hats and customs were serious stuff — and did what any sensible beastie does in the presence of an armour-clad poppyhead… giggle and go off cheese and MUSHROOMS!-hunting. Teh clomping armoured perfessor is neither a threat to the spiderbeasties, cheese plants, nor MUSHROOMS!