Friday Cephalopod: Do not taunt the octopuses while they are invading

They’ve established a beachhead in Wales, where swarms of cephalopods have begun their march inland.

Hey, lady! Yeah, you with the white nail polish! Do not tickle and mock Squad Captain Oi’sh’sh’schlick! We see you, we’re marking you down as a target!

When the marine squadrons link up with the spider cavalry, they’re going to be unstoppable.


  1. says

    It would have been much more satisfying if the critter had somehow thrashed her with a tentacle and sent her screaming from the scene.

    Leave the damned thing alone!

  2. davidc1 says

    Glad to see the return of the Friday Cephalopod,makes a change from them pesky spiders .

  3. davidc1 says

    PS ,just a thought ,has there ever been a case of Octopussssses and spiders predating on each other ?

  4. anchor says

    What could they possibly WANT in the tediously non-buoyant realm dominated by hairy mechanistic plastic-defecating bipods???

    Seriously, I’ve read of this behavior before…why do they do this?

  5. says

    It’s all just a BBC stunt to get the public ready for The War of the Worlds in the next couple of months. Or at least that’s what I suspect the Express and Daily Mail will claim.

  6. davidrichardson says

    I used to go on holiday to the Lleyn peninsula in North Wales in the late 1960s. There are lots of rock pools on every beach there (Nefyn was where we ended up each year), so I’m very used to finding little octopuses like this one. We always used to put them back where we found them …

  7. anchor says

    @7 – Ah, of course! I naively thought they might just be victims of random strandings. I’m thinking now they would probably prefer shifting positions at night or at least under cloud cover to avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

  8. octopod says

    Hey, quit poking that octopus and show me the tracks! What do octopus tracks look like??