What could be more British than a mutual sense of despondency?

Just how long has Britain been suffering under Theresa May’s dithering leadership? This video is almost two years old and it’s like it could have been made yesterday! Either Tracey Ullman is a prophet with supernatural powers, or the UK is afflicted with a horrible case of chronic stasis.

The DUP wants a “bowl of M&Ms with all the homosexual ones removed” — at least that one’s easy, hand them an empty bowl, because everyone knows all M&Ms are gay.


  1. anchor says

    “This video is almost two years old and it’s like it could have been made yesterday!”

    That’s because the Brexit Illudium Q-36 Space-Modulating Temporal Discombobulator caused time to selectively screech to a halt in London at that point and nothing about it has changed since then.

  2. Rich Woods says

    Just how long has Britain been suffering under Theresa May’s dithering leadership?

    999 days. It’s been shit dribbling downhill all the way and the worst is yet to come.

  3. tacitus says

    Unfortunately, she’s now the only person standing in the way of a hard Brexit. If she quits, or is forced out, a hardliner will take her place as PM and will likely just run out the clock with no deal in place.

    Basically she has to decide between the future of her party, or the future of the country.

  4. Gregory Greenwood says

    All the news in the UK seems to be about Brexit, and all of it is one disaster – looming or already ongoing – after another. It reaches the point where it becomes white noise, and you could almost ignore it if you didn’t know that the consequence of this self mutilating madness referred to as Brexit will be the total ruination of the UK as a country and the destruction of the life opportunities of the children of today and generations yet to be born.

    Idiots like Teresa May and David Cameron have wagered the future of this country in return for short term political advantage. It is utterly disgusting, and worse of all the constitutional vandals in question are forever seeking to drape themselves in the flag of ‘defenders of democracy’ when everyone knows that the only reason the Brexit referendum was (narrowly) won was due to an avalanche of half truths and outright lies fed to the public, and now the powers that be are determined to prevent the people having a second vote when they are actually informed and know the consequences if Brexit goes ahead.

  5. joel says

    Hey! Lay off Theresa May! She has common sense – she voted Remain. She’s trying to get through Brexit because that was the result of the vote and she respects democracy, even when the vote is close, even when the results of the vote are stupid. She was hired to do an impossible job and she’s trying her best at it. She spent a full year negotiating a soft exit with the EU, and that deal was promptly rejected by the incompetent and venal buffoons who make up Parliament.
    She has the strongest backbone in England, and perhaps the entire western hemisphere. Shake your head if you must at the demonstrated incapability of England’s government to do what is best for their country; but also keep in mind that we Americans are in no position to make fun of any other country’s political leadership.

  6. says

    joel @5: New Rule: You can only criticize worse places than your own? Like people under a kakistocracy are somehow ineligible to point out another when they see it?

  7. says

    Actually, one of the M&Ms is trans. (Which doesn’t rule out being gay, of course, but would be even more objectionable to the DUP.) One of them — I think it’s the green one — presented male in early commercials, and now presents as female. Possibly the only reason to support M&Ms. (Mars is not a nice company.)